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An enterprise-ready video conferencing tool with HD video quality and AI-driven speech enhancement, now free until the end of the COVID-19 outbreak.

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Combat COVID-19 with Tencent Cloud

Leverage the power of technology to help combat the spread of COVID-19.Together We Can.

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Do more with Tencent Cloud

Tencent Cloud offers high performing technology with the right amount of human touch to help you build and scale the solution optimized for your business.

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Why Tencent Cloud

Powerful Network

Build to satisfy the demands of massive Tencent user base, our network is fast and highly scalable.

Highly Customized

Gain competitive advantage with a solution that is optimized to the way you do business.

Global Coverage

Cloud and CDN in five continents and 45 regions covering all the key markets around the world.


Leverage the rich Tencent ecosystem in social media, mobile payment, online video, gaming, and music.

Tencent Cloud Solutions


A one-stop website construction service that can fully satisfy your demands and provide a variety of solutions from website deployment to OPS, enabling you to deliver websites and web applications.

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By means of Tencent’s powerful technology and professional platform, we provide our users with comprehensive services including VOD, LVB, interactive LVB and Instant Messaging. Our complete video solution can be used in a variety of application scenarios without difficulty.

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Tencent Cloud has cloud data centers across the world that help to promote the globalization of games. Customized services for the game industry help speed up the growth of your games and allow you to manage them with ease.

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WeChat Ecosystem

Based on experience gained from Tencent's massive-user businesses, we provide exclusive and customized products and services for WeChat ecosystem customers that satisfy specific demands.

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Live Broadcasting Security

Deals with four issues in the LVB industry - pornographic LVB, porn redirection, sexuality detection and malicious texts to ensure the development of a live broadcasting ecosystem.

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Expand Your Business Globally

U.S. West (Silicon Valley)

2 Availability Zones

Silicon Valley(2)

North America (Toronto)

1 Availability Zone


U.S. East (Virginia)

2 Availability Zones


Central Europe (Frankfurt)

1 Availability Zone


Northeast Europe (Moscow)

1 Availability Zone


South Asia Pacific (Mumbai)

2 Availability Zones


Southwest China

3 Availability Zones



North China

5 Availability Zones


Hong Kong, China

2 Availability Zones

Hong Kong(2)

East China

6 Availability Zones



Northeast Asia Pacific (Seoul)

1 Availability Zone


Northeast Asia Pacific (Tokyo)

1 Availability Zone


Southeast Asia Pacific (Singapore)

1 Availability Zone


Southeast Asia Pacific (Bangkok)

1 Availability Zone


South China

5 Availability Zones




1 Availability Zone

Dallas(Partnered 1)

São Paulo

1 Availability Zone

São Paulo(Partnered 1)


1 Availability Zone

London(Partnered 1)


1 Availability Zone

Amsterdam(Partnered 1)


1 Availability Zone

Chennai, India(Partnered 1)


1 Availability Zone

Sydney(Partnered 1)

Available Regions
Overseas cooperative infrastructure

Expand Your Business Globally

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Success Stories from Our Customers

Success Stories from Our Customers

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