V+ Challenge

Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Challenge for V+ Real-Time Internet

Challenge Overview

Our online environment is increasingly a multimedia environment. Moreover, the audio and video content is becoming more interactive and immersive, with high definition and low latency. The real-time internet is about to deliver a new wave of innovation in audio/video technology, use cases, ecosystems, and commercial models. Tencent Cloud is leading this transformation with the RT-ONE™ network, which integrates Content Delivery Network (CDN), Instant Messaging (IM), and Tencent Real-Time Communication (TRTC). Together, they represent the industry's most comprehensive PaaS platform and biggest family of audio/video applications. Tencent Cloud is delivering solid "new infrastructure" for the real-time internet: we have more than one million servers and 2,800 cache nodes deployed in 68 availability zones in 27 regions around the world. They provide a combined peak bandwidth of over 200 Tbps and storage capacity at the exabyte level, which means assurance and reliability for our global customers.

Now, alongside other ecosystem partners, Tencent Cloud is proud to launch the 2021 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Challenge for V+ Real-Time Internet. This challenge is the first of its kind, bringing together leading technical experts, business mentors, venture capital firms, and incubators to seek out innovative use cases and startup proposals with massive growth potential. We look forward to exploring new horizons and creating a better future together with you.

Challenge Description

The audio/video field has fully moved into the era of real-time Internet, and the technology architectures, use cases, service ecosystems, and consumption patterns in the audio/video field will usher in a new wave of development and innovation. This Challenge solicits innovative solutions and best practices in the audio/video field globally. Contestants can innovate in the fields of new social networking, office collaboration, education, finance, healthcare, corporate services, public utilities, smart devices, industrial internet of things (IoT), and other relevant industries.

Companies that enter the Challenge should submit innovative use cases and business practices, including (but not limited to) new business ideas using Tencent Cloud's RT-ONE™ network, PaaS audio/video platform, or other products. Tencent Cloud offers a complete family of PaaS products, including Tencent Real-Time Communication (TRTC), Cloud Streaming Services (CSS), Video on Demand (VOD), Instant Messaging (IM), Tencent Push Notification Service (TPNS), and Cloud Rendering Service (CRS). These services enable developers to quickly and easily integrate live streaming, interactivity, call, UGSV, and other audio/video applications. Tencent Cloud provides solutions for social networking, entertainment, finance, education, gaming, IoT, healthcare, and many other sectors, with over 100 use cases to date. Tencent Cloud launched the Video Plus Ecosystem program to provide a full range of ecosystem support services, including product development, technology, sales, services, marketing, operations, and even startup consultancy and business incubation. As a result, we now have a comprehensive, well-integrated ecosystem spanning products, sales, and service.

Many of the underlying capabilities of the real-time internet are on the strength of the audio/video platform. The Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Challenge encourages contestants to build innovative audio/video applications and creative audio/video use cases that take advantage of Tencent Cloud's platform capabilities.


  • To enter the Challenge, a company should have been in business for no more than 5 years, and should not have completed Series C funding.
  • All intellectual property involved in the submitted proposal, including ideas, products, and technologies, must be owned by the entrant and not subject to dispute.
  • Proposals will be assessed on innovation, market potential, quality of planning, technology, team, and social value.
  • The Challenge is divided into qualifier, preliminary and final stages. Qualifier: 10 proposals will be selected for the preliminary stage and published on the Challenge official website. Preliminary: Select 5 proposals out of the 10 through offline reviews. Final: The 5 proposals will enter into final online roadshows including 5-minute presentation and 3-minute Q&A session.
  • Proposals should be emailed to Innovationchallenge@tencent.com before the submission deadline. All information provided must be accurate and valid.
  • All proposals must include a business plan and a product (application or mini-program) in English. Business plans must include at a minimum: information on the founders, team overview, product overview, market size, target customers, business model, company plan, funding history, current operating status, and operational plan.
Prizes and Other Benefits


30,000 USD credits for Tencent Cloud services

First Runner-up

20,000 USD credits for Tencent Cloud services

Second Runner-up

10,000 USD credits for Tencent Cloud services

Winner of the Use Case Innovation Award and Winner of the Technology Innovation Award

5,000 USD credits for Tencent Cloud services

Media Exposure

Exposures at Tencent Cloud's Chinese and global websites and media resources, top industry conferences, and team interviews.

Startup Consultancy

Professional entrepreneurship guidance from industry guests in the final roadshow stage

Challenge Schedule

September 23 to November 23


November 24 to November 30


December 3 to December 11


January 11

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