Customer Introduction

K-Shopping was the first T-commerce (digital home shopping) service provider in South Korea. Featuring interactive digital TV shopping, K-Shopping has the advantages of being both a TV home shopping and online shopping business.

Different from traditional TV home shopping, where only one product can be promoted every hour, this new shopping mode allows viewers to directly search for and order products via their TV remote controls 24 hours a day. Viewers can receive 24-hour broadcast services on IPTVs, such as Olleh TV, Skylife, BTV, and LG U+, as well as other major TV stations, such as CJ Hello Vision and TV Road.

Challenges & Goals

1. Real-time services should be built on the existing T-commerce and e-commerce services of K-Shopping for easy and convenient service upgrades.

2. Services should be priced competitively and quickly developed and launched. They should be scalable and easy to maintain post-launch.

3. Integrated features for video transmission and instant message processing during real-time business broadcasting should be supported.

4. Low broadcast latency and high image quality are required for real-time shopping broadcasts on web pages and mobile devices.

5. An issue regarding a blurred screen during broadcast caused by light interference needs to be resolved.

Tencent Cloud Solution

1. The MLVB SDK provides multiple access modes, including iOS, Android, and web, and directly works with Tencent Cloud’s LVB system to implement livestream push and pull. It not only meets the requirements of low latency and high image quality, but also significantly improves the efficiency of integrated development.

2. The IM SDK allows for the real-time transmission of interactive messages and vulgarity filtering for content moderation. It provides stable and reliable services.

Highlighted Benefits

In the initial real-time video solution adopted by K-Shopping during the planning stage, the video and IM were implemented by different service providers. By using Tencent Cloud’s integrated video solution, we simplified and streamlined management and operations, reduced costs by more than 50%, and expanded the scale of operation. Operations remain cost-effective even with increasing numbers of members and platform visits.

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