Customer Introduction

Shopee is a leading ecommerce platform in Southeast Asia with business operations across multiple regions, including Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam. They also have cross-border business offices in Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Hong Kong (China). In 2019, it recorded 1.2 billion orders, up by 100.5% YoY. According to 2019 App Annie, an authoritative mobile data analysis platform,Shopee was ranked No.1 for app downloads, average MAUs, and total use duration on Android in Southeast Asia and Taiwan (China) and among the top 5 for app downloads worldwide in the shopping app category. Shopee is not only the fastest-growing ecommerce platform in Southeast Asia, but also the platform of choice for bringing Chinese products to such markets.

Challenges & Goals

As a leading ecommerce platform in Southeast Asia, Shopee experienced an explosive growth rate in 2019. A mature and stable globalized cloud infrastructure was needed to support such rapid business development.

There exists tens or even hundreds of image files in an ecommerce platform. An extended loading time directly affects a shopper’s browsing experience. App user access in targeted regions and even worldwide is key to ensuring a smooth user experience. Excessive latency will result in customer attrition. Shopee needs a proven technology platform to support its diverse and innovative ecommerce features. With strong technological support, they can enhance their app and attract more shoppers.

Tencent Cloud Solutions

When Shopee ran major sales events, Tencent Cloud provided a wide variety of services including resource evaluation and reservations, status inspection and event management, ensuring that Shopee’s business operations stayed stable during the promotions.

Shopee utilized Tencent Cloud's nodes in Hong Kong (China) and Singapore as resource pools to meet the fluctuating demands of major sales promotions. Tencent Cloud's global CDN solution has been thoroughly tested internally with Tencent’s massive product lines and has proven effective in the acceleration of static files such as images, CSS, and JS in multiple global regions, ensuring a smooth user browsing experience. In addition, Shopee leveraged Tencent Cloud’s global CDN and LVB services to launch a live streaming Q&A platform. In 2019, the total stream volume of Shopee Live exceeded 500 million, helping international retailers on Shopee achieve 5-10x growth during 9/9, 11/11, and 12/12 shopping sprees.

The team at Tencent Cloud's headquarters in Shenzhen ensures 24/7 fast response to the various needs of Shopee's international team across different time zones, languages, and communication tools, which effectively guarantees the stability of Shopee's business operations.

Highlighted Benefits

With the help of Tencent Cloud, Shopee strengthened their global eCommerce platform and solidified its position as the platform of choice for bringing Chinese products to Southeast Asia.

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