Customer Introduction

Established in 2006, Mynet focuses on mobile game development and operations.

The Challenge

1. Real-time tactical games are very CPU-intensive, requiring powerful computing resources.

2. Unstable connections during battle will result in player loss. Therefore, reliable network stability is a must.

3. The high volume of concurrent online players creates a need for high data read/write speed.

4. A comprehensive disaster recovery architecture that avoids single points of failure is necessary.

Why Tencent Cloud

Tencent Cloud quickly met Mynet's needs by providing a wide variety of services including resource assessment and infrastructure event management. In addition, it offered 24/7 round-the-clock support during the launch of their new game, ensuring a stable game performance. Tencent Cloud’s responsiveness and service quality is highly rated by Mynet.

Mynet used Tencent Cloud’s resources in Japan as a resource pool to support their new game, which enabled them to elastically meet requirements like player growth by launching new servers quickly. Tencent Cloud’s proven products and services, such as our high-performance CVM, TencentDB and COS, met Mynet’s needs with efficiency and security. Tencent Cloud’s CDN also prefetched resources for quick delivery, ensuring an optimal player download experience and helping Mynet accelerate their growth.

The Benefits

Mynet successfully launched their new game with Tencent Cloud’s support. They are now considering moving their other services to Tencent Cloud.

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