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    Tencent Cloud SSL Certificates Service is a one-stop solution for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates. Services provided include certificate application, management and deployment. We work with leading digital certificate authorities (CAs) and agencies to bring this HTTPS solution to your website and mobile applications.


    All SSL Certificate Service APIs in this section have been upgraded to API 3.0. Future SSL features will also be added here. We recommend using API 3.0.
    Legacy APIs remain available, but will not be updated. For more information, please see SSL API Overview (legacy).

    Domain Validated (DV) SSL Certificates

    It credits the websites with medium trust level. The process for approval requires merely the website authenticity verification.

    Organization Validated (OV) SSL certificate

    It credits the websites with high trust level. The process for approval requires enterprise identity verification and rigid auditing to ensure a higher security.

    Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate

    It credits the websites with the highest trust level. Typically, the users are banks, securities companies, and other financial institutions. It requires rigorous auditing to ensure the highest security. And the address bar turns green after the deployment of EV SSL certificates.

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