Obtain CloudAudit Info

Last updated: 2019-02-13 17:09:18

API Description

DescribeAudits is used to obtain the CloudAudit information.
Domain name for API access: cloudaudit.api.qcloud.com

Request Parameters

Parameter Name Required Type Description
auditNameList Yes Array The auditName list
## Response Parameters
Parameter Name Type Description
auditLists Array The list of tracking sets

The parameter auditList is composed as follows:

Parameter Name Type Description
IsMultiRegionAudit Number Indicates whether to enable multi-region collection. 0: No; 1: Yes.
KmsKeyId String Kms key ID
Name String Audit name
CosBucketName String COS bucket name
CosKeyPrefix String COS bucket Prefix
CmqTopicName String CMQ topic name
Status Number Audit status. 0: Disabled; 1: Enabled.



   "auditNameList": [ "String" ]


   "auditLists": [
         "IsMultiRegionAudit": Number,
         "KmsKeyId": "String",
         "Name": "String",
         "CosBucketName": "String",
         "CosKeyPrefix": "String",
         "CmqTopicName": "String",