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    All Anti-DDoS Pro APIs in this section have been upgraded to API 3.0. Anti-DDoS Pro features will also be added here. We recommend using API 3.0.

    Anti-DDoS Pro is a paid anti-DDoS service for businesses deployed in Tencent Cloud. It works directly on Tencent Cloud services without changing their IPs. To get started, you only need to bind the IP addresses you want to protect. It is easy to use and requires no additional changes on your end. Anti-DDoS Pro provides single IP instance and multi-IP instance for your choice.
    Tencent Cloud Anti-DDoS Pro offers two types of instances, single IP instance and multi-IP instance. You can choose either one as needed:

    • Single IP instance: provides dedicated protection for a single IP.
    • Multi-IP instance: provides protection for multiple IPs.

    Key Features

    Multidimensional Protection

    Protection Type Description
    Malformed packet filtering Filters out Frag Flood, Smurf, Stream Flood, and Land Flood attacks, as well as IP, TCP and UDP malformed packets.
    DDoS protection at the network layer Filters out UDP Flood, SYN Flood, TCP Flood, ICMP Flood, ACK Flood, FIN Flood, RST Flood and DNS/NTP/SSDP reflection attacks and null sessions.
    DDoS protection at the application layer Filters out CC attacks and HTTP slow attacks, and supports HTTP custom filtering such as host filtering, user-agent filtering and referer filtering.

    Flexible Defense Options

    Anti-DDoS Pro offers protection for a single IP or multiple IPs to meet your diverse business needs. You can flexibly change what you want to protect among CVM, CLB, WAF, and NAT Gateway, etc.

    Advanced Security Policies

    Anti-DDoS Pro comes with basic security policies, which can cope with common DDoS attacks by leveraging IP portrait, behavioral analysis, AI-based identification, and other protection algorithms. It also offers advanced protection policies, which can be tailored to your special needs to deal with ever-changing attack tricks.

    Protection Statistics and Analysis

    Anti-DDoS Pro provides real-time and detailed traffic reports and attack defense details so that you can evaluate its performance accurately in real-time. Meanwhile, it can capture and download attack packets for fast troubleshooting.

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