Binding CI

Last updated: 2020-02-21 12:01:38


This API is used to launch the Cloud Infinite (CI) service and bind it to an existing Cloud Object Storage (COS) bucket. You can use COS APIs to call other features of the bucket, such as query and modification.


Request sample

PUT / HTTP/1.1
Host: <BucketName-APPID>.pic.<Region>
Date: GMT Date
Authorization: Auth String

Authorization: Auth String (For more information, see Request Signature).

Request line

PUT / HTTP/1.1

This API allows PUT requests.

Request header

Common headers

Common request headers are used for the implementation of this request operation. For more information, see Common Request Headers.

Special request headers

This request operation does not use any special request header.

Request body

The request body of this request is empty.


Response header

Common response headers

This response uses common response headers. For more information, see Common Response Headers.

Special response headers

This response does not use any special response header.

Response body

Null is returned for the response body.