Last updated: 2020-05-21 17:34:10

Feature Overview

This API is used to provide the rotation feature in Tencent Cloud CI, including common rotation and adaptive rotation.

API Form


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Parameter Description

Parameter Description
download_url URL that is used to access a file. The URL form is <BucketName-APPID>.cos.<picture region>.<domain>.com/<picture name>,
for example,
/rotate/<rotateDegree> Common rotation, which indicates an image rotates clockwise. Value range: 0 - 360. The default value is not to rotate.
/auto-orient Adaptive rotation, which adaptively rotates an image based on the EXIF information of the original image.


This example shows you how to implement common rotation.
In the following example, an image is rotated by 90 degrees clockwise:

The final effect is as follows: