Image Watermarks

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    The watermark API is used to process image watermarks. The watermark image must be an image that has already been stored in CI. Currently, this API is applicable for images with a size no greater than 20 MB and length and width both less than 9,999 pixels.

    API Format


    Ignore the spaces and line breaks above.

    Parameter Description

    Operation: watermark. 1 indicates that the watermark is an image watermark.

    Parameter Description
    download_url The file access URL in the format of <BucketName-APPID>.cos.<picture region>.<domain>.com/<picture name>,
    for example
    /image/ The URL of the watermark image, which must be URL-safe Base64 encoded. For example, the watermark image is, and the encoded string is aHR0cDovL2V4YW1wbGVidWNrZXQtMTI1MDAwMDAwMC5jb3MuYXAtc2hhbmdoYWkubXlxY2xvdWQuY29tL3NodWl5aW5fMi5wbmc.
    /gravity/ The position of the text watermark in the Sudoku orientation chart (see the Sudoku Orientation Chart). The default value is SouthEast.
    /dx/ The horizontal margin in pixels. The default value is 0.
    /dy/ The vertical margin in pixels. The default value is 0.
    /blogo/ The watermark image adaptation feature, which is applicable to scenarios in which the watermark image size is too large, for example, a watermark wall. There are two options:
  • When blogo is set to 1, the watermark image is scaled to a size similar to that of the original image and then added.
  • When blogo is set to 2, the watermark image is directly cropped to a size similar to that of the original image and then added.
  • The specified watermark image must meet all the following conditions:

    • The watermark image and the source image must be located in the same bucket.
    • The URL must be a domain name of the CI origin server (and cannot be a CDN acceleration or COS origin server domain name). For example, is a CDN acceleration domain name, and therefore cannot be used as a watermark URL.
    • The URL must start with http://. The HTTP header cannot be omitted or replaced by an HTTPS header. For example, and are invalid watermark URLs.

    Nine-Part Grid

    A nine-part grid can provide a location reference for various operations performed on an image. The red dot is the origin of each region (after each region is selected by using the gravity parameter, the displacement operation is performed by taking the corresponding far point as the reference.)

    • When gravity is set to center, the dx and dy parameters are invalid.
    • When gravity is set to north or south, the dx parameter is invalid (in which case the watermark is horizontally centered).
    • When gravity is set to west or east, the dy parameter is invalid (in which case the watermark is vertically centered).


    Adding an image watermark

    After the image watermark is added, the effect is as follows:

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