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Last updated: 2021-04-06 14:11:59

Matchmaking Process APIs

API Name Feature
CancelMatching Cancels matching
DescribeMatchingProgress Queries matching progress
DescribeToken Queries the token of a Matchcode
ModifyToken Modifies the token of a Matchcode
StartMatching Initiates match

Console APIs

API Name Feature
CreateMatch Creates a match
CreateRule Creates a rule
DeleteMatch Deletes a match
DeleteRule Deletes a rule
DescribeData Views statistics
DescribeMatch Queries the matchmaking details
DescribeMatchCodes Queries the created MatchCodes and paginates the query result
DescribeMatches Queries the matchmaking list and paginates the query result
DescribeRule Queries the rule details
DescribeRules Queries the rule set list and paginates the query result
ModifyMatch Modifies a match
ModifyRule Modifies a rule

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