Parameter Values

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    The entire life cycle of an instance.

    ID Description
    PENDING Preparing
    RUNNING Running
    STOPPED Stopped
    REBOOTING Restarting
    STARTING Starting
    STOPPING Stopping


    List of regions

    ID Description
    ap-guangzhou Guangzhou
    ap-shanghai Shanghai
    ap-hongkong Hong Kong (China)
    na-toronto North America
    ap-shanghai-fsi Shanghai Finance
    ap-beijing Beijing
    ap-singapore Singapore
    ap-shenzhen-fsi Shenzhen Finance
    ap-guangzhou-open Guangzhou Open
    ap-seoul Seoul
    ap-singapore Singapore
    eu-frankfurt Frankfurt
    na-siliconvalley Silicon Valley
    na-toronto Toronto


    List of availability zones

    ID Description
    ap-guangzhou-1 Guangzhou Zone 1
    ap-guangzhou-2 Guangzhou Zone 2
    ap-guangzhou-3 Guangzhou Zone 3
    ap-guangzhou-4 Guangzhou Zone 4
    ap-shanghai-1 Shanghai Zone 1
    ap-shanghai-2 Shanghai Zone 2
    ap-hongkong-1 Hong Kong Zone 1
    ap-beijing-1 Beijing Zone 1
    ap-beijing-2 Beijing Zone 2
    ap-shanghai-fsi-1 Shanghai Finance Zone 1
    ap-shanghai-fsi-2 Shanghai Finance Zone 2
    ap-chengdu-1 Chengdu Zone 1
    ap-chengdu-2 Chengdu Zone 2
    ap-shenzhen-fsi-1 Shenzhen Finance Zone 1
    ap-shenzhen-fsi-2 Shenzhen Finance Zone 2
    ap-guangzhou-open-1 Guangzhou Open Zone
    ap-seoul-1 Seoul Zone 1
    ap-singapore-1 Singapore Zone 1
    eu-frankfurt-1 Frankfurt Zone 1
    na-siliconvalley-1 Silicon Valley Zone 1
    na-toronto-1 Toronto Zone 1


    Disk types

    ID Description
    CLOUD_BASIC HDD cloud disk
    CLOUD_PREMIUM Premium cloud disk
    CLOUD_SSD SSD cloud disk


    The method of auto renewal

    ID Description
    NOTIFY_AND_MANUAL_RENEW Notify without auto renewal (notify expiry but not renew automatically)
    NOTIFY_AND_AUTO_RENEW Notify with auto renewal (notify expiry and renew automatically)
    DISABLE_NOTIFY_AND_MANUAL_RENEW No notification or auto renewal (neither notify expiry nor renew automatically)


    The billing method of an instance

    ID Description
    CDHPAID Charge only the CDH but not the instances on it


    Network billing method

    ID Description
    BANDWIDTH_POSTPAID_BY_MONTH Postpaid on a monthly basis
    TRAFFIC_POSTPAID_BY_HOUR Bill by traffic
    BANDWIDTH_POSTPAID_BY_HOUR Bill by bandwidth usage time
    BANDWIDTH_PACKAGE Bill by bandwidth package


    Image source

    ID Description
    OFFICIAL Images from Tencent Cloud.
    IMAGE_CREATE Images generated from official images by means of creating instance images.
    EXTERNAL_IMPORT Images generated from images imported from external resources.


    Availability zone status

    ID Description
    AVAILABLE Available
    UNAVAILABLE Unavailable


    Image type

    ID Description
    PRIVATE_IMAGE Private images (images created by current account)
    PUBLIC_IMAGE Public images (images from Tencent Cloud)
    MARKET_IMAGE Service marketplace images (images provided by service marketplace)
    SHARED_IMAGE Shared images (images shared by other accounts to current account)


    Image status

    ID Description
    CREATING Creating
    NORMAL Normal
    USING Using
    SYNCING Syncing
    IMPORTING Importing
    DELETING Deleting


    EIP status

    ID Description
    CREATING Creating
    BINDING Binding
    BIND Bound
    UNBINDING Unbinding
    UNBIND Unbound
    OFFLINING Deactivating
    CREATE_FAILED Creation failed
    BIND_ENI Bound to ENI which is not mounted to an instance

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