Enable an Expired Cross-Region Peering Connection

Last updated: 2020-06-04 17:54:39


    This is a legacy API which has been hidden and will no longer be updated. We recommend using the new VPC API 3.0 which is standardized and faster.

    1. API Description

    This API (EnableVpcPeeringConnectionEx) is used to enable expired cross-region peering connections.
    Domain name for API requests: vpc.api.qcloud.com

    If the receiver does not accept the request for a cross-account peering connection within seven days after the request is initiated, the peering connection expires. Upon expiration, the receiver will not be able to perform any action on the peering connection. The initiator can use this API to enable the peering connection and notify the peer to process the connection.

    2. Input Parameters

    Below is a list of API request parameters. You need to add common request parameters to your request when calling this API. For more information, see the Common Request Parameters page. The Action field for this API is EnableVpcPeeringConnectionEx.

    Parameter name Required Type Description
    peeringConnectionId Yes String ID of the VPC peering connection, for example: pcx-6gw5wvmk.

    3. Output Parameters

    Parameter name Type Description
    code int Error code. 0: Successful; other values: Failed.
    message string Error message
    taskId int Task ID. You can query the execution result by using taskId. For more information, see the API for Querying Task Execution Results.

    4. Error Codes

    The following error codes only include business logic error codes for this API. For additional common error codes, see VPC Error Codes.

    Error code Description
    InvalidVpc.NotFound Invalid VPC. This error code indicates that the VPC does not exist. In this case, verify whether the resource information that you entered is correct.
    InvalidPeeringConnection.NotFound Invalid peering connection. This error code indicates that the peering connection does not exist. In this case, verify whether the resource information that you entered is correct.

    5. Example


    &<Common Request Parameters>



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