Query Statistical Info

Last updated: 2017-12-14 11:16:47

1. API Description

This API (QueryCdbStatisticsInfo) is used to query the cloud database instance's statistical information. The statistical data within the last minute will be queried.
Domain for API request: cdb.api.qcloud.com

2. Input Parameters

The following request parameter list only provides API request parameters. Common request parameters are also needed when API is called. For more information, please refer to Common Request Parameters. The Action field for this API is QueryCdbStatisticsInfo.

Parameter Name Required Type Description
cdbInstanceId Yes String Instance ID, such as: cdb-c1nl9rpv. It is identical to the instance ID displayed in the Cloud Database console page and can be obtained using API Query List of Instances. Its value equals to the uInstanceId field value in the output parameter.

3. Output Parameters

Parameter Name Type Description
code Int Common error code; 0: Succeeded; other values: Failed. For more information, please refer to Common Error Codes on the Error Code page.
message String Module error message description depending on API.
codeDesc String Error description
cdbStatInfo Object Status information
cdbStatInfo is composed of the following parameters:
Parameter Name Type Description
allStorageSize Int Total amount of space occupied, including logs. Unit: Byte
dbStorageSize Int Space occupied by database, excluding logs. Unit: Byte
queryCount Int Access frequency. Unit: times/minute
slowQueryCount Int Slow query access frequency. Unit: times/minute
charset String Character set, possible return value: latin1, utf8, gbk, utf8mb4

4. Error Codes

The following error codes only include the business logic error codes for this API.

Error Code Error Message Error Description
9003 InvalidParameter Incorrect parameter
9006 InternalError Database internal error
9013 InternalError System internal error
9016 InternalError DES system internal error
9544 OperationDenied Instance does not exist
9572 InstanceNotExists Instance does not exist
9593 IncorrectInstanceStatus Abnormal instance status

5. Example


&<Common request parameters>


    "code": 0,
    "message": "",
    "codeDesc": "Success",
    "cdbStatInfo": {
        "charset": "utf8",
        "allStorageSize": 4173332480,
        "dbStorageSize": 3088056320,
        "queryCount": 0,
        "slowQueryCount": 0