Pause and Resume after Latency

Last updated: 2019-11-29 18:41:12

1. API Description

  • API
  • channel_manager*: This API is used to stop pushing stream and delay the availability of API.
  • URL
    URL for calling API:
  • Purpose
    This API can be called when VJ push is not allowed for certain reasons.
  • Note
    This API is called to stop pushing a stream (which means to disable the push). To resume VJ push, you can call this API again or set a time for resuming push, and the push will be enabled at the specified time. A stream can be disabled for up to 3 months (3 months after the current time). If the suspension period is set to more than 3 months, 3 months shall prevail.

2. Input Parameters

Parameter Name Description Type Note Required
APPID Customer ID int LVB APPID used for identifying customers Y
interface API name string For example: Get_LivePushStat Y
t Validity period int UNIX timestamp (decimal) Y
sign Security signature string MD5(key+t) Y
Param.s.channel_id LVB Code string Y
Param.n.abstime_end The timestamp for the end time of stream suspension int The absolute time of stream suspension. Enter a UNIX timestamp (decimal). A stream can be disabled for up to 3 months.
Param.s.action Action string Interrupt stream: Forbid; Resume push: Resume Y

3. Output Parameters

Parameter Name Description Type Note
ret Error code int 0: Successful; other values: Failed.
message Error message string Error message

4. Example

Purpose: To ban the LVB stream with an LVB Code of 8888_test123 whose content has violated relevant regulations.

Component Example
APPID 1234
interface Live_Channel_SetStatus
Param.s.channel_id 8888_test123
Param.n.abstime_end 1499756910
t 1471850187
sign b17971b51ba0fe5916ddcd96692e9fb3
Param.s.action resume
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 URL =