Get Play Statistics History Info

Last updated: 2018-07-10 17:05:16

    1. API Description

    • API
      This API (Get_LivePlayStatHistory) is used to obtain the historical statistics of playback.
    • URL
      URL for calling API:
    • Note
      • Used to obtain the playback information for specified time period.
      • The playback statistics is updated every 1 minute.
      • This API supports LVB code mode and channel mode.
      • Backend configuration is required to use the API. To call the API, contact Tencent service personnel or submit a ticket. Tel: 4009-100-100.

    2. Input Parameters

    Parameter Name Description Type Note Required
    cmd Business ID int The LVB appid, which is used to identify different customers Y
    interface API name string Y
    t Expiration timestamp int Y
    sign Signature string md5 (key+expiration timestamp) Y
    Param.n.start_time Start time for the query int Limited to the last 15 days from the timestamp Y
    Param.n.end_time End time int It is recommended to limit the timestamp between start and end times to 2 hours Y
    Param.s.stream_id Steam ID string If it is left empty, the total bandwidth is obtained N
    Param.s.domain Domain name String If it is left empty, all the data under the APPID is obtained. The original playback domain name before cname is required N

    3. Output Parameters

    Parameter Name Description Type Remarks Note
    ret Error code int 0: Successful; other values: Failed.
    message Error message string Error message
    output Message content array For more information, please see the description below. -

    "output" is composed as follows:

    Parameter Name Description Type Remarks Note
    stat_info Statistics for the LVB stream array
    sum_info Traffic and summation information array Required output parameter
    domain Domain Name string Optional output parameter
    stream_id Steam ID string Optional output parameter

    "stat_info" is composed as follows:

    Parameter Name Description Type Remarks Note
    time Statistical time string
    bandwidth Bandwidth double In Mbps
    online Number of online users int
    flux Traffic double In MB

    "sum_info" (summary) is composed as follows:

    Parameter Name Description Type Remarks Note
    sum_flux Traffic summation double Required output parameter In MB

    4. Example

    Purpose: To query the list of files recorded during the LVB for the LVB stream with an LVB Code of 8888_test123.

    Component Example
    cmd 1234
    interface Get_LivePlayStatHistory
    Param.n.start_time 1453279831
    Param.n.end_time 1453279835
    Param.s.stream_id 1234_xxx
    t 1471850187
    sign b17971b51ba0fe5916ddcd96692e9fb3
    //When copying them, remove the invisible line breaks used for improving layout. Otherwise, URL construction errors may occur, such as "cmd is invalid".
    URL =
                &Param.n.start_time =1453279831
                &Param.n.end_time =1453279835
                &Param.s.stream_id =1234_xxx

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