Last updated: 2019-11-29 18:19:55

Function Action ID Description
Query Cluster List DescribeCluster Query cluster list
Create Cluster CreateCluster Create cluster
Delete Cluster Delete cluster Delete cluster
Query Cluster Node List DescribeClusterInstances Query cluster nodes and return information of the nodes in the cluster
Add Cluster Node AddClusterInstances Add nodes for cluster
Delete Cluster Node DeleteClusterInstances Delete nodes in the cluster
Add Existing CVM to Cluster AddClusterInstancesFromExistedCvm Add existing CVMs to cluster

Function Action ID Description
Query Service List DescribeClusterService Query service list. Lists returned from this API only include general information of the services
Query Service Details DescribeClusterServiceInfo Query detailed information of a single service
Create Service CreateClusterService Create service
Modify Service ModifyClusterService Update service
Delete Service DeleteClusterService Delete service
Modify Service Description ModifyServiceDescription Modify service description
Acquire Service Event List DescribeServiceEvent Query list of events occurred for the service within the last hour
Resume Service Update ResumeClusterService Resume paused service update operation
Pause Service Update PauseClusterService Pause service update operation
Rollback Service RollBackClusterService Restore the service back to the configuration prior to update (to the previous configuration only)

Function Action ID Description
Query Pod List DescribeServiceInstance Query the list of service pods
Modify Pod Number ModifyServiceReplicas Modify the number of containers for the service
Delete Pod DeleteInstances Delete pods

Function Action ID Description
Query Cluster Namespace DescribeClusterNameSpaces Query cluster namespaces
Create Cluster Namespace CreateClusterNamespace Create namespaces
Delete Cluster Namespace DeleteClusterNamespace Delete namespaces