CAM API Overview

Last updated: 2019-04-17 15:29:54

API Action ID Description
Create role CreateRole Creates a role and specifies the account allowed to assume this role.
Get role information GetRole Gets the details of a specified role.
Get role list DescribeRoleList Gets the list of roles under the account.
Bind policy to role AttachRolePolicy Binds a policy to a role.
Unbind policy from role DetachRolePolicy Unbinds a policy from a role.
Modify role description UpdateRoleDescription Modifies the description of a role.
Modify trust policy of role UpdateAssumeRolePolicy Modifies the trust policy of a role.
Delete role DeleteRole Deletes the specified role.

API Action ID Description
Apply for temporary credentials for role AssumeRole Obtains temporary access credentials for a role.
Get temporary credentials for user with federated identity GetFederationToken Obtains temporary credentials for a user with federated identity.