Common Request Headers

Last updated: 2020-07-07 10:44:45


    This document describes common request headers that need to be included when CLS APIs are used. The following headers will not be detailed in specific API documents.

    Common Request Header List

    HTTP Header Name Description
    Host Request host name, which varies by region, such as for the Shanghai region
    Authorization Signing information. For the calculation method, please see Request Signature
    Content-Length Request body length. If there is no body, this header can be optional
    Content-Type Request body format. If there is no body, this header can be optional. It is determined by the specific API document. Currently, application/json and application/x-protobuf are supported
    Content-MD5 MD5 value of request body. If there is no body, this header can be optional. The calculation result is in lower case
    x-cls-compress-type Compression method used by requested body. Currently, lz4 compression is supported. This header is required only by the log upload API. If no compression is performed, it can be optional
    x-cls-token A temporary security token as part of temporary security credentials returned by a STS request. This parameter must be included if you access CLS using a temporary key.

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