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    Tencent Cloud SCS provides powerful capacities to aggregate and compute streaming cloud data, and allows you to analyze data by writing SQL.

    Real-time Computing

    SCS provides millisecond-level computing capabilities. By writing SQL statements, you can compute the data entering SCS in real time without having to develop complex code, so that you can respond to ever-changing business scenarios with accuracy and ease.

    SCS immediately initiates a computing task for each incoming data item, meaning that incoming data is computed in real time. If the data stream goes uninterrupted, real-time computing will continue forever.

    Ultimate Elasticity

    SCS detects whether the stream computing resources in use match the data traffic. If processing cannot keep up with data inflows, new computing resources will be added for computation. Likewise, computing resources will be reduced when data inflows are less heavy. The entire process requires no manual intervention, and the scope of scaling is controlled by predefined configurations. This helps you fast respond to the demands in business growth and decrease the overall cost for your company.

    Full-chain Coverage

    SCS covers the full chain of real-time streaming data aggregation and computation. COS, CDB, CKafka and other data sources can be seamlessly accessed while achieving millisecond-level computational analysis using the visual configuration provided by the data connector and online SQL orchestration in the IDE.
    You can also use SDK provided by SCS to import data from other sources.

    Fully Managed Service

    The fully managed SCS resides in the cloud, so you no longer need to worry about the scheduling of the underlying infrastructure and demanding daily OPS tasks. In addition to helping you quickly create a cloud-based stream computing and analysis system, SCS also allows you to focus on the development of analytical models to address ever-changing business challenges.

    Security Reinforcement

    SCS provides security protection for computation and data and offers computing resources to each customer in an isolated manner to avoid mutual impact. At the data security level, it furnishes a security isolation mechanism where only data sources belonging to the current account can be accessed by the computing resources. With SCS, you can rest assured that your computing and data are in good hands while enjoying all the conveniences the hosted service has to offer.

    SQL Support

    SCS provides an online IDE through which SQL statements can be written online and published to a live network after debugging. SCS then parses the analysis defined in SQL and begins to compute the incoming data in real time. The entire process requires no complex programming, greatly lowering the knowledge threshold for using real-time stream computing.

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