Last updated: 2018-11-27 11:03:47

    Website Clickstream Analysis

    Internet users typically click multiples times on websites when browsing. Analysis of these clickstreams makes it possible to better understand emerging topics and trends.
    By taking advantage of SCS, you can build an analysis system in just minutes to perform real-time aggregation and analysis of user behavior data and continuously mine valuable information, which helps you make better operational decisions and improve user experience.

    Real-time Control of Financial Risks

    In the case of financial transaction, early detection of financial risks can effectively reduce losses. The combination of big data of financial transactions and SCS and introduction of feature model algorithms enable you to screen out abnormal trading behaviors such as card frauds and manage the risks for improved financial security much sooner than before.

    Internet of Things (IoT) Monitoring

    Early detection of potential failures during the operation of industrial equipment can greatly reduce repair costs. With SCS, data can be promptly gathered from equipment sensors for aggregation, analysis and filtering, enabling second-level alarms for equipment exceptions and improving equipment utilization.

    Targeted Ecommerce Recommendations

    In the ecommerce industry, SCS can be used to extract feature variables, track preferential categories and predict spending trends of users in real time to readily provide targeted recommendations for a better shopping experience and more sales revenue.

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