Managing Bandwidth

Last updated: 2021-08-30 16:30:57

    For a pay-as-you-go CCN instance billed by monthly 95th percentile, you can view its bandwidth cap and change the bandwidth limit type in the console. Please note that the monthly-subscribed CCN instance is currently in beta. To try it out, please contact sales.


    Viewing the Bandwidth of Pay-as-you-go CCN Instances Billed by Monthly 95th Percentile

    1. Log in to the VPC console and click Cloud Connect Network in the left sidebar.
    2. On the CCN instance list page, lick the ID/Name of the target pay-as-you-go CCN instance to enter its details page. Click the Bandwidth Management tab.
      This tab displays the bandwidth cap of the current bandwidth limit type.
      • Inter-region bandwidth limit
      • Region outbound bandwidth limit
    3. (Optional) Change the bandwidth limit type.
      1. Click Change on the right of Speed limit mode.
      2. Select a bandwidth limit type from the drop-down list in the pop-up window.

        Changing the bandwidth limit type will delete existing configurations. The bandwidth cap will be set to 1 Gbps by default. If you require a higher bandwidth, please submit a ticket.

        Bandwidth Limit Description
        Region bandwidth out The outbound bandwidth cap of a single region to other regions
        Inter-region bandwidth The inbound and outbound bandwidth cap between regions
      3. Click OK.