Last updated: 2019-10-30 09:57:40


Certificate Issuance

DV certificates are automatically reviewed and verified by Symantec™ for fast issuance.

Symantec is the world's largest information security service producer and provider and the most credible digital certification authority. It offers a wide range of content and network security solutions to individual users, businesses and service providers. 93% of Fortune 500 companies choose VeriSign SSL digital certificates,all of which are currently powered by Symantec.

TrustAsia is a brand of TrustAsia Technologies, Inc. in the field of information security. It is a platinum partner of Symantec™.TrustAsia specializes in providing businesses with all network security services including the digital certificates.

Quick Application

Simplified processes: Tencent Cloud certificate service supports automatic generation of CSR online. The domain name is automatically verified by DNS, and the application is submitted in one step. The verification and issuance process is fully automatic.

Centralized Management

Multi-platform management: upload and manage certificates issued by any agency, with centralized validity monitoring of each certificate.

Private key hosting: for a certificate with CSR generated online and a private key password set, the password is used for encrypted certificate hosting to ensure information security.