Purchase Procedure

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    1. Select a certificate brand and model

    Tencent Cloud provides four brands of SSL certificates for sale, as shown below:


    As a world-leading digital certificate provider, DigiCert offers the best certificate services to its global customers. It has remained a reliable partner with many top businesses around the world, providing trusted SSL, private and managed PKI deployment, and device certificates for the emerging IoT market.


    GeoTrust, the world's second-largest digital certification authority (CA) and a leader in authentication and trust certification, provides state-of-the-art technologies that enable organizations and companies of all sizes to deploy SSL digital certificates securely and cost-effectively and achieve a wide range of authentications. GeoTrust was founded in 2001, and to 2006, it has takes 25% of global market share. VeriSign acquired GeoTrust with USD 125 million in May-September 2006, which is now also a cost-effective SSL certificate brand of Symantec.

    From a technical point of view, the differences between DigiCert Secure Site and GeoTrust are as shown below:

    1. DigiCert Secure Site (supporting RSA, DSA and ECC) is superior to Geotrust (supporting RSA and DSA) on algorithm.
    2. DigiCert Secure Site is superior to Geotrust on compatibility. DigiCert Secure Site is compatible with all browsers on the market, and also shows very good compatibility for mobile devices.
    3. DigiCert Secure Site is superior to Geotrust on OCSP response.
    4. DigiCert Secure Site is superior to Geotrust on CA security. As an internationally renowned security vendor, DigiCert Secure Site provides the number one CA security in the world.
    5. In addition to encrypted data transfer, DigiCert Secure Site certificates provide malware scanning and vulnerability assessment features.
    6. A maximum of USD 1.75 million in certificate commercial insurance compensation is provided by Symantec, while the number of GeoTrust is USD 1.5 million.


    TrustAsia is a brand of Yashu Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd in the field of information security. It is a platinum partner of Symantec™. TrustAsia specializes in providing businesses with all network security services including digital certificates. TrustAsia SSL certificates are issued by the Symantec root certificates.


    Founded in 1996, GlobalSign is a reputable and trusted CA and provider of SSL and digital certificates with more than 20 million digital certificates issued worldwide. It supports a great number of server providers, domain name registrars, and system service providers in the Chinese market thanks to its professional strengths as their digital certificate service partner.

    For more information, see parameters comparison provided in SSL Certificate Service Console.

    2. Select the number of supported domain names

    Single-domain name

    It only allows to bind one domain name, which can be a second-level domain name like example.domain.com, a third-level domain name like example.example.domain.com, or a first-level domain name like domain.com. But all sub-domains under the first-level domain name are not supported. Up to 100 levels of domain name can be supported.

    An SSL certificate bound to the domain name www.domain.com (subdomain is www) supports the first-level domain name domain.com.

    Multi-domain name

    One single certificate can be bound to multiple domain names, subject to the maximum number of supported domain names displayed in the console.

    • The price of DigiCert Secure Site multi-domain name certificates are calculated based on the number of domain names.
    • GeoTrust, TrustAsia, and GlobalSign multi-domain name certificates in excess of the default number of supported domain names are charged additionally.

    Wildcard domain name

    Only one wildcard domain name with only one wildcard can be bound, such as *.domain.com and *.example.domain.com (up to 100 levels). Multi-wildcard domain names like *.*.domain.com are not supported.

    An SSL certificate bound to the domain name *.domain.com (which must be a second-level wildcard domain name) supports the first-level domain name domain.com.

    Multi-wildcard domain name

    Multiple wildcard domain names can be bound. For example, *.domain.com, *.ssl.domain.com, and *.another.com are counted as three wildcard domain names in total, including all the sub-domain names at the same level, subject to the maximum number of supported domain names displayed in the console.

    3. Select certificate validity

    OV and EV certificates can be valid for up to 2 years, while DV certificates can be valid for up to 1 year.

    4. Payment

    After selecting the brand, model, supported domain name, and certificate validity, you can submit the order and proceed with the payment process.

    5. Submit the application

    After purchasing a certificate, you need to submit approval materials in SSL Certificate Service Console for certificate application. The certificate will be issued upon approval by the CA. For more information, see Material Submission for OV/EV SSL Certificate.

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