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Symantec SSL Certificates Clarification Announcement

Last updated: 2019-10-31 17:12:59


"Google No Longer Trusts Symantec Certificates" recently spreading on the Internet is not a true story. We hereby clarify that:

  1. Symantec PKI system for issuing SSL Certificates will undergo a security upgrade. In order to urge Symantec to update, Google plans to distrust certificates issued by non-updated Symantec PKI system instead of all Symantec SSL certificates since October 23, 2018 when Chrome70 will be released. The fake news above is a serious misinterpretation.
  2. Symantec plans to enable the new PKI system on December 1, 2017. SSL certificates that are issued prior to December 1, 2017 by the non-updated PKI system and will expire after October 23, 2018 will be reissued to users for free. Therefore, Symantec's PKI system update is absolutely safe and will not affect users.
  3. “Symantec is selling the CA certificate business” is also a rumor without any official response.

There will be a detailed official clarification from Symantec soon. Please feel free to purchase Symantec SSL Certificates and not get misled by fake news.

August 2, 2017