Secured Seal

Last updated: 2019-07-22 12:44:45


What is a secured seal?

Norton Secured Seal is the most acknowledged trust mark on the Internet provided by the Symantec SSL Certificate. A personal user survey conducted by Symantec shows that Norton security seal retains the high reputation and trust that is valued by owners of e-commerce sites and other privacy-conscious web sites. An independent survey conducted in January 2013 also shows that Norton secured seal wins the highest level of trust on the Internet from individual users.

Reasons for using a secured seal

Norton Secured Seal shows up nearly one billion times per day in 170 countries and regions.
Expanding online business by gaining customer recognitions: According to an international online consumer study, 90% of respondents said they were likely to continue purchasing online if they saw Norton Secured Seal in the checkout process. This percentage is higher than any other seals. And in some cases, there is no any seal.
Globally, Norton Secured Seal is displayed next to the trusted web links in search results on more than 40 million desktops with Norton web security.
Symantec's robust PKI infrastructure, including military-grade IDCs and disaster recovery sites, makes you rest easy by providing unparalleled data protection and availability.
This seal is a visible image proof of your commitment to enforcing PCI compliance because the e-commerce sites must verify identity and encrypt transaction communications across its site to protect customer data.

Installation instructions

Secured seal code of the website is as shown below:

<div id="symantecSeal" style="text-align: center" title="Click to verify - This site uses Symantec SSL for secure ecommerce and confidential communications">
<script type="text/javascript" src=";size=L&amp;use_flash=YES&amp;use_transparent=YES&amp;lang=zh_cn"></script>