What Is the Impact If an SSL Certificate Is Not Renewed in Time After It Expires?

Last updated: 2020-08-26 11:37:34

    What will happen if I do not renew my SSL certificate in time after it expires?

    If an SSL certificate expires and is not renewed in time, the following may occur:

    • When a user visits your website, the user's browser displays a warning message indicating that the website's security certificate has expired. After receiving such a warning message, the user may lose trust in the website or choose to stop visiting the website, which has an adverse impact on the company's brand image and subscriber base.

    • Hackers and other cyber-criminals may take advantage of the expired SSL certificate to tamper with or steal information transmitted between the browser and server, affecting user data security.

    • Certificate expiration will cause unexpected business interruption, leading to operating problems and capital loss.

    • Certificate expiration will affect the website's SEO ranking.