Last updated: 2019-11-08 09:58:19


SOC(formerly known as Tencent Cloud Security Situation Awareness) has the following core features:

Security Decision-making

By offering cloud- and terminal-based big data capabilities and serving as an auxiliary brain for security matters, SOC provides security decision-making suggestions and helps reduce security decision-making costs.

Risk Awareness

  • Based on Tencent's big security data and rich experience in security, SOC continuously monitors Internet security conditions and alerts you to possible security issues.
  • SOC provides channels for monitoring the latest vulnerabilities that enable you to understand trends in external vulnerabilities and take preventive measures before they cause damage.

Data Visualization

  • SOC converges your own host, network and other security data for deep correlation analysis, provides key security metrics for monitoring and display security situation through visual representation in an intuitive and vivid manner.
  • Taking the basic security data of your own business as the basis and integrating the online and offline big security data from Tencent Cloud and Tencent PC Manager, SOC provides you with objective and accurate security situation scores.