Use Limits

Last updated: 2021-03-09 15:56:31

Note the following when using NAT Gateway:

  • After a NAT Gateway is deleted, its EIP will be disassociated but not released.
  • NAT Gateway cannot be associated with security groups. However, you can bind security groups to instances within the VPC subnet to control their inbound and outbound traffic.
  • The inbound and outbound traffic of the NAT Gateway cannot be directly controlled by the network ACL. Instead, you can use network ACL to control the traffic of the subnet associated with the NAT Gateway.
  • You cannot use VPC peering connection or VPN connection to route traffic to a NAT Gateway.
    For example, a NAT Gateway enables traffic from VPC1 to the Internet, and VPC1 establishes a peering connection with VPC2. In this case, all the resources within VPC2 can access VPC1, but cannot access the Internet through the NAT Gateway.
  • NAT Gateway supports TCP, UDP and ICMP, while ESP and AH for the GRE tunnel and IPSec cannot be used for the NAT Gateway, and ALG technologies are not supported. This is specific to NAT Gateway and irrelevant to service providers. Nevertheless, these supported protocols can mostly meet your application demands.
  • When dissociating an EIP from a NAT Gateway, the SANT rule will also be deleted if the EIP is the only EIP; otherwise, the EIP will be deleted from the SNAT rule.
  • If the subnet configured for a SNAT rule does not exist, the SNAT rule will be deleted as well.
  • If the CVM configured for a SNAT rule does not exist, the SNAT rule will also be deleted if this is the last CVM; otherwise, the CVM will be deleted from the SNAT rule.
  • The following table lists the restrictions on the supported resources for the NAT Gateway. For more information on other VPC resources, see Quota Limit.
Resource Limit
Number of NAT Gateways per VPC 3
Number of EIPs per NAT Gateway 10
Maximum forwarding capability per NAT Gateway 5 Gbps
Maximum number of forwarding rules per NAT Gateway 200
Maximum number of SNAT rules per NAT Gateway 200