Activate Service

Last updated: 2019-08-08 13:01:10


Service Activation

This document describes how to activate TcaplusDB after the game is added.


You have activated TcaplusDB and added the game.


  1. In the left menu bar, click TCaplusDB > Table Management to enter the Tcaplus activation page.

At the top of the table management page, you can activate the storage service at no cost and enjoy 1 GB storage for free to experience the service.

  1. Click Activate to enter the activation details page.

    Select the storage product, region and network type as needed.

    After reading the Terms of Use, select Agree and click Immediately opened to activate the service.

  2. After activation, the following page appears. Click Configuration Information to view the configuration information.

  3. View the configuration information delivered by the system, which includes the region as well as the game’s AppID, AppKey, and VPC Network. You have completed service activation and can now begin to manage your tables.