Creating Cluster

Last updated: 2020-02-28 13:20:51


Operation Scenario

This document describes how to create a TcaplusDB cluster in the console.


You have signed up for a Tencent Cloud account and verified your identity successfully.


  1. Log in to the TcaplusDB Console, select Cluster List on the left sidebar, and click Create Cluster.
  2. Configure your cluster in the cluster creation pop-up.
    • Network Type: Select a VPC and a subnet. You can select one VPC and one subnet only when creating a cluster, which cannot be modified once created.
    • Connection Protocol: Select a connection protocol (data description protocol) for your TcaplusDB cluster.
    • Cluster Name and Access Password: A cluster name should be unique under the same account. An access password must contain lowercase letters (a-z), uppercase letters (A-Z), and digits (0-9).
  3. Click Create Cluster and the system will prompt that the creation has been successful.
    You can return to the cluster list to view the created cluster. Each cluster will be assigned a unique cluster ID.