Creating Table Group

Last updated: 2020-02-26 14:14:27

    Operation Scenario

    This document describes how to create a TcaplusDB table group in the console.


    You have created a TcaplusDB Cluster.


    1. Log in to the TcaplusDB Console, select Cluster List on the left sidebar and the cluster for which to create a table group, and click Create Table Group.
    2. Configure the table group in the pop-up dialog box.
      • Select Cluster: You can switch to the desired cluster.
      • Table Group Name: The name can contain up to 32 characters.
      • Table Group ID: If you select "Auto-generated", your table group will be assigned an ID starting from 1. If you select "Custom", you can specify any integer in the range of [1,50000] that has not been used under the cluster as the table group ID.
    3. Click Create Table Group and the system will prompt that the creation has been successful.
      You can return to the table group list to view the information of the one just created, such as name, ID, number of tables, and total capacity.

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