Last updated: 2020-07-31 11:15:59

    Cluster Overview

    A cluster is the basic TcaplusDB management unit, which provides independent TcaplusDB service for the business.
    From the perspective of gaming business, a cluster can provide service for either a game's independent submodules or the entire game.

    Creating Cluster

    For detailed directions, please see Creating Cluster.

    Cluster Details

    You can view the cluster configuration and attributes in cluster details to understand the overall cluster usage.
    You can log in to the TcaplusDB Console and click the ID of the target cluster to enter its details page and view its details.
    Details consist of three parts:

    Basic information
    • Cluster ID: unique cluster ID, which can be used to locate the cluster and control access to the cluster but cannot be used for database connection.
    • Access ID: cluster connection ID, which identifies the cluster when you access the database through the SDK or client tool.
    • Connection protocol: table definition protocols supported by cluster. Currently, only Protocol Buffers is supported.
    • Cluster name: cluster name, which can be customized as needed.
    • Region: cluster region.
    • RESTful API : address used for database access through a RESTful API in the same VPC subnet.

    Network information
    • Network: information of the VPC where the current cluster resides.
    • Subnet: information of the subnet where the current cluster resides.
    • Private address: private IP address assigned to the current cluster. CVM instances in the same VPC subnet as the cluster can access this IP address.
    • Private port: access port number assigned to the current cluster.

    Other information
    • Creation time: creation time of the current cluster.
    • Connection password: if you forgot the password, you can view the cluster access password in the console.