Viewing Table Information

Last updated: 2020-07-08 14:45:26

    Operation Scenarios

    This document describes how to view table information in the TcaplusDB Console.


    You have created a table. For more information, please see Creating Table.


    1. Enter the Table List page to view the information of created tables, such as the table ID, table status, cluster name, table name, cluster ID, table group (ID), used capacity, reserved read, and reserved write.
    2. Click a table ID to enter the table management page, which consists of Table Details, Table Configuration, Table Monitoring, and Table Rollback tabs.
      • The Table Details tab displays basic table information, network information, and reserved configuration information. You can click the "Modify" icon next to "Remarks" to modify the remarks.
      • The Table Configuration tab displays the field definition information of a table.
      • The Table Monitoring tab displays table monitoring information. You can select the monitoring data for different periods and at different granularities and compare data for different periods.
      • The Table Rollback tab provides the table rollback feature.