Rolling back Table

Last updated: 2020-09-29 12:06:39

    Operation Scenarios

    This document describes how to roll back some records in the TcaplusDB Console.


    You have created a table. For more information, please see Creating Table.


    1. Enter the Table List page, select the target table and click More > Roll back in the "Operation" column, or select multiple tables and click Batch Rollback at the top.
    2. In the pop-up dialog box, upload a .txt file that contains the values of the fields of the target record.
      The file is in the following format:
      Suppose your table is defined as follows, where the primary keys are openid, tconndid, and timekey:
      syntax = "proto2";
      package myTcaplusTable;
      import "tcaplusservice.optionv1.proto";
      message tb_online {
       option(tcaplusservice.tcaplus_primary_key) = "openid,tconndid,timekey";
       required int32 openid = 1; //QQ Uin
       required int32 tconndid = 2;
       required string timekey = 3;
       required string gamesvrid = 4;
       optional int32 logintime = 5 [default = 1];
       repeated int64 lockid = 6 [packed = true]; 
       optional pay_info pay = 7;
       message pay_info {
           optional uint64 total_money = 1;
           optional uint64 pay_times = 2;
      To roll back a record with keys of openid = 100, tconndid= 1, and timekey = '123456', you need to prepare a file containing the keys as follows. The first row contains the names of primary key fields separated by space, and the second and subsequent rows contain the primary key values to be rolled back to.
      openid tconndid timekey 
      100 1 123456
    3. After the key.txt file is uploaded, select the rollback time and click Submit.