Last updated: 2021-06-22 11:17:30

    Overview of the Mobile Game Market

    Market size

    According to a third-party data source, China's mobile game industry reported a total revenue of 102.28 billion CNY in 2016. With the rise of online gaming, game virtual social system, PVP system, and high-value game economy system are becoming more and more prevalent in mobile games, posing considerable security risks to the industry. Tencent Cloud Business Security Protection (BSP) estimated that bots have caused an economic loss of 4.5 billion CNY to China's mobile game market.

    Security risks

    Currently, the mobile game market is suffering from an endless stream of cheating methods such as modifiers, speed changers, and cracked versions, which have undermined the game environment and posed the following risks to the market:

    • Compromised game balance
      Some players may use treats or bots to their advantage, which seriously disturb the game order and balance.
    • Churn of game players
      In gaming, normal players are put into disadvantage by the ones using cheats and bots. They will then leave the game as they find the game is not fair and secure.
    • Shortened game lifecycle
      Various cheating methods disrupting the game environment have caused the churn of a large number of players, greatly shortening a game's lifecycle.
    • Reduced revenue of game companies
      Bots will disorder the game's economy system and make a big dent in the revenue of game companies.

    In addition, cheat bots can cause immeasurable damage to the reputation of game companies. To cater for your urgent need of dealing with mobile game security issues, Tencent Cloud launched Anti-Cheat Expert (ACE), which protects your game environment and improves the gaming experience of users.


    Anti-Cheat Expert (ACE) is a professional mobile game security solution created by Tencent Cloud's mobile security team in collaboration with Tencent's game security team. With 24/7 security protection capabilities, ACE supports comprehensive multi-dimensional protection and detection and can be easily accessed by calling 2-3 APIs in a game client, helping mobile game providers quickly cope with game security issues such as cheating and tampering. Currently, it provides stable security services to over 700 million players of hundreds of games including Honor of Kings and Naruto Online.


    The anti-cheating feature is designed to provide effective protection for mobile game security while minimizing the impact on games. With high compatibility and reliability, this feature defends against various bots such as debuggers and modifiers in real time on a case-by-case basis to ensure the security and stability of the game environment. You can integrate and verify the anti-cheating SDK easily by following the Integration Guide.

    Security reinforcement

    The security reinforcement feature can be customized according to the characteristics of a mobile game to set up a comprehensive functional matrix covering game code protection, anti-debugging, resource protection, and anti-dynamic unpacking. This feature ensures stability while defending against tempering and cracking for a secure gaming experience.



    ACEfeatures proprietary detection technology and comprehensive and stable policy modeling for outstanding game protection, helping nearly 100 mobile games seamlessly serve hundreds of millions of players, including blockbuster games with tens of millions DAUs such as Honor of Kings and WeChat Dash.

    Multiple SDK language support

    ACE provides various versions of SDKs in Java, C++ and C# for both Android and iOS.

    Compatibility with multiple game engines

    ACE fully supports popular game engines such as Unity 3D, Cocos 2D and Unreal Engine 4. Anti-Cheat Expert