Last updated: 2021-06-22 11:35:51

    With two major features, anti-cheating and security reinforcement, Anti-Cheat Expert (ACE) makes it easy for mobile game companies to tackle common game security concerns such as cheating, tampering, and cracking.


    • Prevention against game modifiers
      AEC prevents against mainstream game modifiers, monitors cheaters in real time and forces the game to quit as soon as they are identified. Thanks to Tencent Games' over a decade of experience in gaming, it achieves an over 99.99% accuracy rate.
    • Protection against speed changers
      ACE prevents against acceleration and deceleration actions of various types of game speed changers and forces the game to quit as soon as they are identified.
    • Protection against VM bots
      Covering more than 30 kinds of virtual machines and their variants such as VirtualAPP, LBE and Fenshen, ACE has established a unique three-layer three-dimensional policy model, which can identify virtual machines in multiple dimensions, dynamically update itself, strictly prevent various misjudgments and achieve strong anti-variance ability.

    Security reinforcement

    • Encrypted Protection of .so and .dll Files
      ACE strictly encrypts .so and .dll files, preventing them from reverse analysis by tools such as IDA and effectively protecting core game modules.
    • Reinforced .dll Obfuscation
      For Unity games, ACE encrypts the variable, function and class names of DLL modules for obfuscation, effectively raising the threshold for static analysis.
    • Resource file protection
      ACE features the most rigorous game resource protection scheme, blocking the addition, deletion and modification of any resources and effectively preventing the game from being cracked.
    • Anti-debugging
      ACE empowers games with the most comprehensive anti-debugging capability and controls debuggers such as IDA against dynamic debugging and cracking, effectively raising the threshold for dynamic analysis.