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Last updated: 2019-01-30 10:12:15

Mobile Tencent Protect (MTP) makes it easy for game developers to tackle common game security concerns such as commonly used game bots, tampering and cracking through Anti-Botting and Anti-Tampering.


  • Defense against modifiers
    This feature monitors mainstream game modifiers such as Game Guardian in real time. Built on Tencent Game's more than ten years of experience, it has a detection accuracy of at least 99.99%. Once a modifier is detected, the player who is using the modifier will be forced out of the game immediately.
  • Defense against speed changers
    It can effectively identify acceleration and deceleration operations of various game speed changers. Once such an operation is identified, the player who is using the speed changer will be forced out of the game immediately.
  • Defense against VM bots
    By covering more than 30 types of VMs (including VirtualAPP, Parallel Space and Fenshen) and their variants, it sets up a unique three-layer policy model to identify VMs at multiple dimensions. This model is updated dynamically to prevent misjudgments, which allows a powerful anti-variant ability.


  • .dll and .so file encryption
    It provides rigorous encryption protection for .dll and .so files to prevent reverse analysis by such tools as IDA and effectively protect game's core modules.
  • DLL reinforcement and obfuscation
    For Unity games, the variable, function and class names of DLL modules are encrypted and obfuscated to significantly increase the difficulty for static analysis.
  • Resource file protection
    A stringent game resource protection plan will be implemented to prevent addition, deletion, modification and other similar operations on any resources to safeguard games from being cracked.
  • Anti-debugging
    Games will be endowed with a holistic anti-debugging ability to prevent dynamic debugging and cracking by debugging tools such as IDA and significantly increase the difficulty for dynamic analysis.

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