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Last updated: 2020-11-27 10:48:21

    Why Tencent CloudAudit?

    Strength Description
    Security analysis and troubleshooting After registering a Tencent Cloud account, you can log in to Tencent Cloud CloudAudit via the console or APIs to avoid information leakage. When setting log content, you can encrypt the content. CloudAudit helps you discover and resolve security and operational issues by capturing a holistic picture of change history in your Tencent Cloud account during a specific time period.
    Simplified compliance CloudAudit enables automatic generation and storage of event logs of the operations performed in your Tencent Cloud account, making it easier to conduct compliance reviews. It also allows you to search for non-compliance events in all log data more conveniently and speed up incident investigations and response to auditors' requests.
    Visibility into user and resource activities CloudAudit improves the visibility into user and resource activities by recording the operations on Tencent Cloud services and API calls. It can identify the users and accounts that call Tencent Cloud services, source IP addresses from which calls are initiated, and the time when calls are executed.

    CloudAudit's Strengths over Traditional Audit

    Strengths Description
    High efficiency CloudAudit stores users' operation data in Tencent Cloud, eliminating the need to import the data to your computers. Through Tencent Cloud services, the computing tasks that would otherwise be executed on local machines are pushed to the server, which assigns the tasks to available computers across the entire network of Tencent Cloud, and returns the received results to your local machine, thus significantly saving time.
    High compatibility With CloudAudit, data and programs are stored in Tencent Cloud. The design, maintenance, and upgrade of audit programs are no longer undertaken by you, but are completely taken care of by professional cloud software providers, which greatly improves the compatibility of audit software.
    Data sharing All the collected user information, captured and generated data are no longer stored in blocks on the user side, but are classified and stored in a single resource platform. CloudAudit allows you to query all the collected data and information at any time and share the audit information timely to avoid redundant work.
    Timeliness You can keep track of the operation progress and check logs as needed. You can also learn more about your operation behaviors and report the problems encountered in the operation process to administrators timely. In addition, you will be kept up to date on others' work progress to facilitate the sharing of information and methods.
    Monitoring CloudAudit can help administrators get a holistic picture of each user's operations timely and focus on subsequent tasks in a more targeted manner. Administrators can also monitor each user's operating conditions in real time, and users can monitor each other to improve the audit quality.
    Compliance By effectively recording all the operations under a Tencent Cloud account in real time, CloudAudit can pinpoint problems or faults and manage deployment changes for traceability, thus ensuring the security and compliance of your business running in Tencent Cloud.
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