CloudAudit-enabled Cloud Services

Last updated: 2020-04-23 17:51:55

CloudAudit supports recording operations and API calls in the following Tencent Cloud services:

Product Name Abbreviation in Logs
Account-related Services account
API Gateway apigw
Auto Scaling as
Instant Messaging avc
BatchCompute batch
Cloud Access Management cam
Tencent Kubernetes Engine - Image Repository ccr
TencentDB for MySQL cdb
Cloud Load Balancer clb
CloudAudit cloudaudit
Cloud Log Service cls
Cloud Message Queue - Queue Model cmqqueue
Live Video Broadcasting consolelive
Short Message Service consolesms
Cloud Object Storage cos
Cloud Virtual Machine cvm
Elastic MapReduce emr
Elasticsearch Service es
Game Multimedia Engine gme
Key Management Service kms
Cloud Monitor monitor
Serverless Cloud Function scf
Tag tag
Virtual Private Cloud vpc

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