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    This is a legacy API which has been hidden and will no longer be updated. We recommend using the new CloudAudit API 3.0 which is standardized and faster.

    API Description

    The API LookupEvents is used to search for operation logs to help query relevant operation information.
    Domain name for API access:

    Request Parameters

    The following request parameter list only provides the API request parameters.

    Parameter Required Type Description
    EndTime Yes DateTime End time
    LookupAttributes Yes Array Array of attributes, which currently only supports 1 element. If it is not specified, the first 10 entries are returned.
    MaxResults No Number Number of entries returned. If it is not specified, 10 entries are returned. Up to 50 entries are supported.
    NextToken No String It is used when more logs are loaded.
    StartTime Yes DateTime Start time

    The array LookupAttributes is composed of the following parameters:

    Parameter Required Type Description
    AttributeKey No String Search types (enumeration values), including Username (user name), EventName (event name), ResourceType (resource type), ResourceName (resource name), EventSource (event source), and EventId (Event ID).
    AttributeValue No String Value

    Response Parameters

    Parameter Type Description
    Events Array Array of events
    NextToken String It is used when more logs are loaded.

    The array Events is composed of the following parameters:

    Parameter Type Description
    CloudAuditEvent String Event string
    EventId String Event ID
    EventName String Event name
    EventSource String Event source
    EventTime String Event time
    SecretId String Access key
    EventRegion String Region
    ErrorCode Number Error code. 0: normal; other error codes: error.
    RequestID String Request ID
    SourceIPAddress String Source IP address
    Resources Object Resource
    Username String User name. Root account: root; sub-account: sub-account ID; role user: roleUser.

    Resources is composed of the following parameters:

    Parameter Type Description
    ResourceName String Resource name
    ResourceType String Resource type

    Use Cases


        "EndTime": "Number",
        "LookupAttributes": [{
            "AttributeKey": "String",
            "AttributeValue": "String"
        "MaxResults": "Number",
        "NextToken": "String",
        "StartTime": "Number"


        "Events": [{
            "CloudAuditEvent": "String",
            "EventId": "String",
            "EventName": "String",
            "EventSource": "String",
            "EventTime": "String",
            "SecretId": "String",
            "EventRegion": "String",
            "ErrorCode": "Number",
            "EventTime": "String",
            "RequestID": "String",
            "SourceIPAddress": "String",
            "Resources": [{
                "ResourceName": "String",
                "ResourceType": "String"
            "Username": "String"
        "NextToken": "String"

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