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Last updated: 2020-08-27 15:34:09

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is a private network space in Tencent Cloud that provides network services for your Tencent Cloud resources. A VPC is logically isolated from others, where you can customize the network environment, route table, security policies, etc. In addition, it can be connected to the internet, other VPCs, and your local IDC in various means, helping you easily deploy cloud-based network connectivity.

VPC operations supported by CloudAudit are as shown below:

Operation Name Resource Type Event Name
CCN accepts instance association vpc AcceptAttachCcnInstances
Accepting intra-region peering connection vpc AcceptVpcPeeringConnection
Accepting cross-region peering connection vpc AcceptVpcPeeringConnectionEx
Adding shared bandwidth package resource vpc AddBandwidthPackageResources
Adding the DNAT policy of NAT gateway vpc AddDnaptRule
Creating customer gateway vpc AddUserGw
Creating VPN tunnel vpc AddVpnConnEx
ENI applies for private IP vpc AssignPrivateIpAddresses
Binding EIP to NAT gateway vpc AssociateNatGatewayAddress
Associating network ACL with subnet vpc AssociateNetNetwork ACLworkAclSubnets
Modifying route table associated with subnet vpc AssociateRouteTable
Associating CCN instance with network instance vpc AttachCcnInstances
Creating Classiclink between VPC and classic network device vpc AttachClassicLinkVpc
Binding ENI to CVM instance vpc AttachNetworkInterface
Checking for secondary CIDR block conflict vpc CheckAssistantCidr
Checking whether the default subnet can be created vpc CheckDefaultSubnet
Querying whether traffic monitoring is enabled for the gateway vpc CheckGatewayFlowMonitor
Verifying network detection status vpc CheckNetDetectState
Creating IP address vpc CreateAddress
Creating IP address group vpc CreateAddressGroup
Creating ENI and binding it to CVM instance vpc CreateAndAttachNetworkInterface
Creating secondary CIDR block vpc CreateAssistantCidr
Creating shared bandwidth package vpc CreateBandwidthPackage
Creating CCN instance vpc CreateCcn
Creating Direct Connect gateway vpc CreateDirectConnectGateway
Creating the IDC IP range of Direct Connect gateway in CCN type vpc CreateDirectConnectGatewayCcnRoutes
Adding flow log vpc CreateFlowLog
Creating HAVIP vpc CreateHaVip
Adding local destination IP port translation vpc CreateLocalDestinationIPPortTranslationNatRule
Adding ACL policy for local IP translation vpc CreateLocalIPTranslationAclRule
Adding local IP translation vpc CreateLocalIPTranslationNatRule
Adding ACL policy for local source IP port translation vpc CreateLocalSourceIPPortTranslationAclRule
Adding local source IP port translation vpc CreateLocalSourceIPPortTranslationNatRule
Creating NAT gateway vpc CreateNatGateway
Creating the port forwarding rule of NAT gateway vpc CreateNatGatewayDestinationIpPortTranslationNatRule
Creating network ACL vpc CreateNetworkAcl
Creating ENI vpc CreateNetworkInterface
Adding opposite IP translation vpc CreatePeerIPTranslationNatRule
Adding routing policy vpc CreateRoute
Creating route table vpc CreateRouteTable
Creating security group vpc CreateSecurityGroup
Creating protocol port vpc CreateService
Creating protocol port group vpc CreateServiceGroup
Creating subnet vpc CreateSubnet
Binding network ACL to subnet vpc CreateSubnetAclRule
Creating traffic mirror vpc CreateTrafficMirror
Creating VPC vpc CreateVpc
Creating intra-region peering connection vpc CreateVpcPeeringConnection
Creating cross-region peering connection vpc CreateVpcPeeringConnectionEx
Deleting IP address vpc DeleteAddress
Deleting IP address group vpc DeleteAddressGroup
Deleting secondary CIDR block vpc DeleteAssistantCidr
Deleting shared bandwidth package vpc DeleteBandwidthPackage
Deleting CCN instance vpc DeleteCcn
Deleting Direct Connect gateway vpc DeleteDirectConnectGateway
Deleting the IDC IP range of Direct connect gateway in CCN type vpc DeleteDirectConnectGatewayCcnRoutes
Deleting flow log vpc DeleteFlowLog
Deleting HAVIP vpc DeleteHaVip
Deleting local destination IP port translation vpc DeleteLocalDestinationIPPortTranslationNatRule
Deleting ACL policy for local IP translation vpc DeleteLocalIPTranslationAclRule
Deleting local IP translation vpc DeleteLocalIPTranslationNatRule
Deleting ACL policy for local source IP port translation vpc DeleteLocalSourceIPPortTranslationAclRule
Deleting local source IP port translation vpc DeleteLocalSourceIPPortTranslationNatRule
Deleting NAT gateway vpc DeleteNatGateway
Deleting the port forwarding rule of NAT gateway vpc DeleteNatGatewayDestinationIpPortTranslationNatRule
Deleting network ACL vpc DeleteNetworkAcl
Deleting ENI vpc DeleteNetworkInterface
Deleting opposite IP translation vpc DeletePeerIPTranslationNatRule
Deleting routing policy vpc DeleteRoute
Deleting route table vpc DeleteRouteTable
Deleting protocol port vpc DeleteService
Deleting protocol port group vpc DeleteServiceGroup
Deleting subnet vpc DeleteSubnet
Deleting traffic mirror vpc DeleteTrafficMirror
Deleting customer gateway vpc DeleteUserGw
Deleting VPC vpc DeleteVpc
Deleting intra-region peering connection vpc DeleteVpcPeeringConnection
Deleting cross-region peering connection vpc DeleteVpcPeeringConnectionEx
Deleting VPN tunnel vpc DeleteVpnConn
Deleting VPN gateway v2 vpc DeleteVpnGw
Querying account network attribute vpc DescribeAccountVpcAttributes
Querying network ACL list vpc DescribeAcl
Querying IP address list vpc DescribeAddress
Querying IP address group vpc DescribeAddressGroups
Querying secondary CIDR block list vpc DescribeAssistantCidr
Querying the bandwidth package quota of specified region vpc DescribeBandwidthPackageQuota
Querying shared bandwidth package vpc DescribeBandwidthPackages
Querying the list of network instances associated with CCN instance vpc DescribeCcnAttachedInstances
Querying the outbound bandwidth upper limit of all regions of CCN instance vpc DescribeCcnRegionBandwidthLimits
Querying CCN instance routing policy vpc DescribeCcnRoutes
Querying CCN instance list vpc DescribeCcns
Querying Direct Connect gateway vpc DescribeDirectConnectGateway
Querying the IDC IP range of Direct connect gateway in CCN type vpc DescribeDirectConnectGatewayCcnRoutes
Querying Direct Connect gateway vpc DescribeDirectConnectGateways
Querying flow log list vpc DescribeFlowLogs
Querying whether traffic monitoring is enabled for the gateway vpc DescribeGatewayMonitor
Querying the upper limit of visiting IP bandwidth vpc DescribeGatewayQos
Querying HAVIP list vpc DescribeHaVips
Querying the local destination IP port translation of Direct Connect gateway vpc DescribeLocalDestinationIPPortTranslationNatRule
Querying local IP translation ACL rule vpc DescribeLocalIPTranslationAclRule
Querying the local IP translation of Direct Connect gateway vpc DescribeLocalIPTranslationNatRule
Querying local IP port translation ACL rule vpc DescribeLocalSourceIPPortTranslationAclRule
Querying the local source IP port translation of Direct Connect gateway vpc DescribeLocalSourceIPPortTranslationNatRule
Querying high-availability gateway vpc DescribeNatGateway
Querying NAT gateway v3 vpc DescribeNatGateways
Querying network detection list vpc DescribeNetDetects
Querying the list of network detection verification results vpc DescribeNetDetectStates
Querying network ACL list vpc DescribeNetworkAcls
Querying ENI IP quota vpc DescribeNetworkInterfaceAttribute
Querying ENI information vpc DescribeNetworkInterfaces
Querying the opposite IP translation of Direct connect gateway vpc DescribePeerIPTranslationNatRule
Querying the list of routing policy conflicts vpc DescribeRouteConflicts
Querying routing policy vpc DescribeRoutes
Querying route table vpc DescribeRouteTable
Querying protocol port list vpc DescribeService
Querying protocol port group vpc DescribeServiceGroups
Querying SSL VPN vpc DescribeSSLVpn
Querying subnet attribute vpc DescribeSubnet
Viewing subnet list vpc DescribeSubnetEx
Querying parameter template quota vpc DescribeTemplateLimits
Querying traffic mirror vpc DescribeTrafficMirrors
Querying customer gateway vpc DescribeUserGw
Querying Classiclink between VPC and classic network device vpc DescribeVpcClassicLink
Querying VPC list vpc DescribeVpcEx
Querying CVM instance information vpc DescribeVpcInstances
Querying VPC limit information vpc DescribeVpcLimit
Getting VPC quota vpc DescribeVpcLimits
Querying VPC peering connection vpc DescribeVpcPeeringConnections
Querying task execution result vpc DescribeVpcTaskResult
Querying VPN tunnel vpc DescribeVpnConn
Querying VPN gateway vpc DescribeVpnGw
Dissociating CCN instance from network instance vpc DetachCcnInstances
Deleting Classiclink between VPC and classic network CVM instance vpc DetachClassicLinkVpc
Unbinding ENI from CVM instance vpc DetachNetworkInterface
Unbinding network ACL from subnet vpc DeteleSubnetAclRule
Disabling CCN route vpc DisableCcnRoutes
Disabling gateway traffic monitoring vpc DisableGatewayFlowMonitor
Disabling subnet route vpc DisableRoutes
Unbinding EIP from NAT gateway vpc DisassociateNatGatewayAddress
Disassociating network ACL from subnet vpc DisassociateNetworkAclSubnets
Binding NAT gateway to EIP vpc EipBindNatGateway
Unbinding NAT gateway from EIP vpc EipUnBindNatGateway
Enabling CCN route vpc EnableCcnRoutes
Enabling gateway traffic monitoring vpc EnableGatewayFlowMonitor
Enabling subnet route vpc EnableRoutes
Enabling expired cross-region peering connection vpc EnableVpcPeeringConnectionEx
Querying the bandwidth information of CCN regions vpc GetCcnRegionBandwidthLimits
Getting the product information for creating CCN bandwidth vpc GetCreateCcnBandwidthDeal
Getting the DNAT policy of NAT gateway vpc GetDnaptRule
Querying the discount allowlist of cross-region communication vpc GetPeerWhiteList
Binding HAVIP to EIP vpc HaVipAssociateAddressIp
Unbinding HAVIP from EIP vpc HaVipDisassociateAddressIp
Querying price when creating cross-region CCN bandwidth vpc InquiryPriceCreateCcnBandwidth
Querying price for CCN instance bandwidth renewal vpc InquiryPriceRenewCcnBandwidth
Querying price when modifying cross-region CCN bandwidth vpc InquiryPriceUpdateCcnBandwidth
Migrating ENI vpc MigrateNetworkInterface
Migrating private IP vpc MigratePrivateIpAddress
Editing IP address attribute vpc ModifyAddressAttribute
Editing IP address group attribute vpc ModifyAddressGroupAttribute
Modifying secondary CIDR block vpc ModifyAssistantCidr
Modifying shared bandwidth package attribute vpc ModifyBandwidthPackageAttribute
Modifying CCN attribute vpc ModifyCcnAttribute
Modifying the bandwidth limit policy of postpaid product vpc ModifyCcnRegionBandwidthLimitsType
Modifying Direct Connect gateway attribute vpc ModifyDirectConnectGatewayAttribute
Modifying flow log attribute vpc ModifyFlowLogAttribute
Modifying HAVIP attribute vpc ModifyHaVipAttribute
Modifying the local destination IP port translation of Direct Connect gateway vpc ModifyLocalDestinationIPPortTranslationNatRule
Modifying local IP translation ACL rule vpc ModifyLocalIPTranslationAclRule
Modifying the local IP translation of Direct Connect gateway vpc ModifyLocalIPTranslationNatRule
Modifying local IP port translation ACL rule vpc ModifyLocalSourceIPPortTranslationAclRule
Modifying the local source IP port translation of Direct Connect gateway vpc ModifyLocalSourceIPPortTranslationNatRule
Modifying NAT gateway vpc ModifyNatGateway
Modifying NAT gateway attribute vpc ModifyNatGatewayAttribute
Modifying the port forwarding rule of NAT gateway vpc ModifyNatGatewayDestinationIpPortTranslationNatRule
Changing network detection vpc ModifyNetDetect
Modifying network ACL attribute vpc ModifyNetworkAclAttribute
Modifying network ACL rule vpc ModifyNetworkAclEntries
Setting ACL rule vpc ModifyNetworkAclEntry
Modifying ENI vpc ModifyNetworkInterface
Modifying the opposite IP translation of Direct Connect gateway vpc ModifyPeerIPTranslationNatRule
Modifying ENI private IP attribute vpc ModifyPrivateIpAddress
Replacing routing policy vpc ModifyRoute
Modifying route table vpc ModifyRouteTableAttribute
Modifying protocol port attribute vpc ModifyServiceAttribute
Modifying protocol port group attribute vpc ModifyServiceGroupAttribute
Modifying subnet attribute vpc ModifySubnetAttribute
Modifying traffic mirror vpc ModifyTrafficMirrorAttribute
Modifying customer gateway vpc ModifyUserGw
Modifying VPC attribute vpc ModifyVpcAttribute
Modifying intra-region peering connection attribute vpc ModifyVpcPeeringConnection
Modifying cross-region peering connection attribute vpc ModifyVpcPeeringConnectionEx
Modifying VPN tunnel vpc ModifyVpnConnEx
Modifying VPN gateway attribute vpc ModifyVpnGw
Rejecting associating CCN instance with network instance vpc RejectAttachCcnInstances
Rejecting intra-region peering connection vpc RejectVpcPeeringConnection
Rejecting cross-region peering connection vpc RejectVpcPeeringConnectionEx
Modifying the bandwidth of shared bandwidth package vpc RemoveBandwidthPackageResources
Modifying the IDC IP range of Direct connect gateway in CCN type vpc ReplaceDirectConnectGatewayCcnRoutes
Adjusting the concurrent connection upper limit of NAT gateway vpc ResetNatGatewayConnection
Updating the target information of traffic mirror user vpc ResetTrafficMirrorTarget
Resetting VPN tunnel SA vpc ResetVpnConnSA
Setting the outbound bandwidth upper limit of all regions of CCN instance vpc SetCcnRegionBandwidthLimits
Enabling traffic mirror vpc StartTrafficMirror
Disabling traffic mirror vpc StopTrafficMirror
Returning the private IP of ENI vpc UnassignPrivateIpAddresses
Updating traffic mirror filter rule or capture object vpc UpdateTrafficMirrorAllFilter
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