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Last updated: 2020-08-27 15:34:10

TencentDB for DBbrain (DBbrain) is a cloud-based database management service for database performance, security, and management. By leveraging machine learning, big data, and expert experience engine, it can quickly replicate sophisticated practices of senior database administrators to automate a large number of traditional manual database OPS tasks, which helps ensure secure, stable, and efficient operations of your database services both in and off the cloud.

DBbrain operations supported by CloudAudit are as shown below:

Operation Name Resource Type Event Name
Creating audit log analysis task dbbrain CreateAuditLogStatsTask
Creating health report analysis task dbbrain CreateDBDiagReportTask
CreateDBDiagReportUrl dbbrain CreateDBDiagReportUrl
Deleting audit log analysis task dbbrain DeleteAuditLogStatsTask
Deleting the analysis task of health diagnosis report dbbrain DeleteDBDiagReportTasks
Getting the timeline-based statistics of specified task dbbrain DescribeAuditLogSeriesForSqlTime
Getting current task list dbbrain DescribeAuditLogStatsTasks
Getting the top SQLs of specified task dbbrain DescribeAuditLogTopSqls
Getting exception diagnosis event details dbbrain DescribeDBDiagEvent
Getting instance exception diagnosis history dbbrain DescribeDBDiagHistory
Querying health diagnosis report dbbrain DescribeDBDiagReport
Getting instance performance curve data dbbrain DescribeDBPerfTimeSeries
Getting the space usage overview of specified time period dbbrain DescribeDBSpaceStatus
Getting health score details dbbrain DescribeHealthScore
Getting health score curve dbbrain DescribeHealthScoreTimeSeries
Getting process list dbbrain DescribeProcessList
Getting slow log histogram dbbrain DescribeSlowLogTimeSeriesStats
Getting the list of top SQLs of slow log dbbrain DescribeSlowLogTopSqls
Creating audit log analysis task dbbrain DescribeSqlAdvice
Getting SQL execution plan dbbrain DescribeSqlExplain
Getting the latest periodically captured space data of top databases dbbrain DescribeTopSpaceSchemaLatestRecords
Getting the daily space usage statistics of specified time period of top databases dbbrain DescribeTopSpaceSchemaTimeSeries
Getting the latest periodically captured space data of top tables dbbrain DescribeTopSpaceTableLatestRecords
Getting the statistics of top tables and sorting them in descending order by value dbbrain DescribeTopSpaceTables
Getting the daily space usage statistics of specified time period of top tables dbbrain DescribeTopSpaceTableTimeSeries
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