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Last updated: 2020-08-28 11:44:19

Tencent Distributed SQL (TDSQL) is a distributed database service deployed in Tencent Cloud that supports automatic sharding (horizontal splitting) and the Shared Nothing architecture. With a distributed database, your business gets a complete logical database table which is split and distributed evenly across multiple physical shard nodes on the backend. TDSQL deploys the primary/secondary architecture by default and provides a full set of solutions for disaster recovery, backup, restoration, monitoring, and migration, making it ideal for storing terabytes to petabytes of data.

TDSQL operations supported by CloudAudit are as shown below:

Operation Name Resource Type Event Name
Desolating postpaid TDSQL instance dcdb ActiveHourDCDBInstance
Checking IP status dcdb CheckIpStatus
Cloning account dcdb CloneAccount
Disabling public network access for instance dcdb CloseDBExtranetAccess
Creating account dcdb CreateAccount
Creating instance dcdb CreateDCDBInstance
Creating postpaid TDSQL instance dcdb CreateHourDCDBInstance
Rolling back TDSQL instance dcdb CreateTmpDCDBInstance
Deleting account dcdb DeleteAccount
Deleting temp instance dcdb DeleteTmpInstance
Querying account permission dcdb DescribeAccountPrivileges
Querying account list dcdb DescribeAccounts
Querying audit log dcdb DescribeAuditLogs
Querying audit policy dcdb DescribeAuditStrategies
Querying price for batch TDSQL instance renewal dcdb DescribeBatchDCDBRenewalPrice
Querying instance object dcdb DescribeDatabaseObjects
Querying instance database name dcdb DescribeDatabases
Querying the column information of instance table dcdb DescribeDatabaseTable
Getting log list dcdb DescribeDBLogFiles
Querying monitoring information dcdb DescribeDBMetrics
Viewing database parameter dcdb DescribeDBParameters
Querying the security group information of instance dcdb DescribeDBSecurityGroups
Getting slow query log details dcdb DescribeDBSlowLogAnalysis
Querying the list of slow query logs dcdb DescribeDBSlowLogs
Querying instance sync mode dcdb DescribeDBSyncMode
Getting temp instance generated by instance rollback dcdb DescribeDBTmpInstances
Getting time range available for instance rollback dcdb DescribeDCDBBinlogTime
Getting TDSQL instance details dcdb DescribeDCDBInstanceDetail
Viewing instance list dcdb DescribeDCDBInstances
Querying price dcdb DescribeDCDBPrice
Querying instance renewal price dcdb DescribeDCDBRenewalPrice
Querying purchasable AZs dcdb DescribeDCDBSaleInfo
Querying TDSQL instance shard dcdb DescribeDCDBShards
Querying instance upgrade price dcdb DescribeDCDBUpgradePrice
Querying dedicated cluster specification dcdb DescribeFenceShardSpec
Querying process status dcdb DescribeFlow
Querying latest DBA check result dcdb DescribeLatestCloudDBAReport
Viewing backup log settings dcdb DescribeLogFileRetentionPeriod
Querying project dcdb DescribeProjects
Querying the security group information of project dcdb DescribeProjectSecurityGroups
Querying instance specification dcdb DescribeShardSpec
Getting SQL log dcdb DescribeSqlLogs
Setting account permission dcdb GrantAccountPrivileges
Initializing instance dcdb InitDCDBInstances
Isolating dedicated instance dcdb IsolateDedicatedDBInstance
Isolating postpaid TDSQL instance dcdb IsolateHourDCDBInstance
Modifying database account remarks dcdb ModifyAccountDescription
Setting auto-renewal in batches dcdb ModifyAutoRenewFlag
Modifying instance name dcdb ModifyDBInstanceName
Modifying the security group of TencentDB instance dcdb ModifyDBInstanceSecurityGroups
Modifying instance project dcdb ModifyDBInstancesProject
Modifying instance parameter dcdb ModifyDBParameters
Modifying instance sync mode dcdb ModifyDBSyncMode
Modifying instance network dcdb ModifyInstanceNetwork
Modifying instance remarks dcdb ModifyInstanceRemark
Modifying instance VIP dcdb ModifyInstanceVip
Modifying backup log settings dcdb ModifyLogFileRetentionPeriod
Enabling public network access dcdb OpenDBExtranetAccess
Resetting account password dcdb ResetAccountPassword
Enabling smart DBA dcdb StartSmartDBA
Switching rollback instance dcdb SwitchRollbackInstance
Terminating dedicated instance dcdb TerminateDedicatedDBInstance
Upgrading dedicated TDSQL instance dcdb UpgradeDedicatedDCDBInstance
Upgrading postpaid TDSQL instance dcdb UpgradeHourDCDBInstance
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