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TencentDB for MongoDB

Last updated: 2020-08-27 15:34:11

TencentDB for MongoDB is a high-performance distributed data storage service created by Tencent Cloud based on MongoDB, an open-source non-relational database. It is fully compatible with the MongoDB protocol and applicable to various non-relational database-oriented scenarios.

TencentDB for MongoDB operations supported by CloudAudit are as shown below:

Operation Name Resource Type Event Name
Assigning project mongodb AssignProject
Manually back up instance mongodb BackupDBInstance
Creating user mongodb CreateAccountUser
Creating instance mongodb CreateDBInstance
Creating pay-as-you-go instance mongodb CreateDBInstanceHour
Deleting account mongodb DeleteAccountUser
Querying user mongodb DescribeAccountUsers
Getting backup download permission mongodb DescribeBackupAccess
Querying backup rule mongodb DescribeBackupRules
Pulling instance list mongodb DescribeDBInstances
Querying instance rollback list mongodb DescribeInstanceCollections
Querying oplog information mongodb DescribeOplogInfo
Querying latency between primary and secondary read-only instances mongodb DescribeReadonlyDelay
Isolating TencentDB instance mongodb IsolateDBInstance
Modifying the configuration of TencentDB instance mongodb ModifyDBInstanceSpec
Deactivating isolated TencentDB instance mongodb OfflineIsolatedDBInstance
Deleting temp instance mongodb RemoveCloneInstance
Renaming instance mongodb RenameInstance
Renewing instance mongodb RenewInstance
Adjusting instance oplog size mongodb ResizeOplog
Restarting instance mongodb RestartInstance
Rolling back database instance mongodb RestoreDBInstance
Setting user permission mongodb SetAccountUserPrivilege
Setting auto-renewal mongodb SetAutoRenew
Setting auto-renewal rule mongodb SetBackupRules
Transforming temp instance to formal instance mongodb SetInstanceFormal
Setting instance maintenance window mongodb SetInstanceMaintenance
Setting password mongodb SetPassword
Setting read-only instance as formal instance mongodb SetReadonlyToNormal
Terminating pay-as-you-go instance mongodb TerminateDBInstance
Upgrading instance mongodb UpgradeDBInstance
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