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Last updated: 2020-08-28 11:44:20

Based on the design principles and technologies of NoSQL databases, Tencent Cloud TcaplusDB is specially developed for gaming data storage by taking into account gaming characteristics and the balance between performance and costs. Currently, it provides stable data storage services for popular games with tens of millions of DAUs, such as Honor of Kings, CrossFire, and Naruto Mobile. Backed by Tencent Cloud's infrastructure nodes deployed in Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and Oceania, it can be used globally once integrated.

TcaplusDB operations supported by CloudAudit are as shown below:

Operation Name Resource Type Event Name
Clearing table data tcaplusdb ClearTables
Creating backup tcaplusdb CreateBackup
Creating cluster tcaplusdb CreateCluster
Creating table group tcaplusdb CreateTableGroup
Creating tables in batches tcaplusdb CreateTables
Deleting cluster tcaplusdb DeleteCluster
Deleting IDL description file tcaplusdb DeleteIdlFiles
Deleting table group tcaplusdb DeleteTableGroup
Deleting the global distributed indexes of TcaplusDB table tcaplusdb DeleteTableIndex
Deleting table tcaplusdb DeleteTables
Querying cluster information list tcaplusdb DescribeClusters
Getting the list of tags associated with cluster tcaplusdb DescribeClusterTags
Querying table description file details tcaplusdb DescribeIdlFileInfos
Querying region list tcaplusdb DescribeRegions
Querying table group list tcaplusdb DescribeTableGroups
Getting the list of tags associated with table group tcaplusdb DescribeTableGroupTags
Querying table details tcaplusdb DescribeTables
Querying the details of table in recycle bin tcaplusdb DescribeTablesInRecycle
Querying table tag list tcaplusdb DescribeTableTags
Querying task list tcaplusdb DescribeTasks
Querying whether the current user is in the allowlist tcaplusdb DescribeUinInWhitelist
Modifying cluster name tcaplusdb ModifyClusterName
Modifying cluster password tcaplusdb ModifyClusterPassword
Modifying cluster tags tcaplusdb ModifyClusterTags
Modifying table group name tcaplusdb ModifyTableGroupName
Modifying table group tags tcaplusdb ModifyTableGroupTags
Modifying table remarks tcaplusdb ModifyTableMemos
Modifying table structures in batches tcaplusdb ModifyTables
Modifying table tags tcaplusdb ModifyTableTags
Recovering table from recycle bin tcaplusdb RecoverRecycleTables
Creating and modifying the global distributed indexes of TcaplusDB table tcaplusdb SetTableIndex
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