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Last updated: 2020-08-28 11:44:20

Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a new layer of network architecture built on the existing internet. It consists of servers distributed around the globe to accelerate internet content delivery. These high-performance cache nodes store your content based on caching policies. When a user makes a content request, it will be routed to the node closest to the user, reducing access latency and improving availability.

CDN operations supported by CloudAudit are as shown below:

Operation Name Resource Type Event Name
Adding acceleration domain name cdn AddCdnDomain
Creating SCDN domain name cdn CreateScdnDomain
Creating SCDN log event task cdn CreateScdnLogTask
Deleting acceleration domain name cdn DeleteCdnDomain
Querying access data cdn DescribeCdnData
Verifying SSL certificate and extracting its domain name cdn DescribeCertDomains
Querying active user cdn DescribeIpVisit
Querying origin-pull data cdn DescribeOriginData
Querying SCDN domain name configuration cdn DescribeScdnConfig
Querying SCDN data cdn DescribeScdnData
Disabling URL cdn DisableCaches
Querying the list of SCDN domain names cdn ListScdnDomains
Querying the list of SCDN log download tasks cdn ListScdnLogTasks
Querying top data cdn ListTopData
Getting top SCDN data cdn ListTopScdnData
Activating CDN cdn OpenCdnService
Purging directory cdn PurgePathCache
Purging URL cdn PurgeUrlsCache
Prefetching URL cdn PushUrlsCache
Enabling acceleration service cdn StartCdnDomain
Enabling domain name security protection cdn StartScdnDomain
Disabling acceleration service cdn StopCdnDomain
Disabling domain name security protection cdn StopScdnDomain
Modifying domain name configuration cdn UpdateDomainConfig
Updating domain names in batches cdn UpdateDomainsHttps
Modifying the image processing configuration of acceleration domain name cdn UpdateImageConfig
Modifying billing type cdn UpdatePayType
Modifying SCDN domain name configuration cdn UpdateScdnDomain
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