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Last updated: 2020-08-28 11:44:20

Based on the open-source Apache Kafka message queuing engine, Tencent Cloud Kafka (CKafka) provides high-throughput and highly scalable message queuing services. It is perfectly compatible with Apache Kafka APIs v0.9, v0.10, and v1.1 and has greater advantages in terms of performance, scalability, business security, and OPS, allowing you to enjoy powerful features at low costs while eliminating tedious OPS work.

CKafka operations supported by CloudAudit are as shown below:

Operation Name Resource Type Event Name
Adding partition ckafka AddPartition
Adding route ckafka AddRoute
Creating partition ckafka CreatePartition
Adding route ckafka CreateRoute
Creating topic ckafka CreateTopic
Adding topic allowlist ckafka CreateTopicIpWhiteList
Deleting route ckafka DeleteRoute
Deleting topic ckafka DeleteTopic
Deleting topic allowlist ckafka DeleteTopicIpwhitelist
Listing message groups ckafka DescribeConsumerGroup
Getting instance attribute ckafka DescribeInstanceAttributes
Getting instance list ckafka DescribeInstances
Getting route details ckafka DescribeRoute
Getting topic list ckafka DescribeTopic
Getting topic attribute ckafka DescribeTopicAttributes
Getting instance attribute ckafka GetInstanceAttributes
Getting topic attribute ckafka GetTopicAttributes
Listing consumer groups ckafka ListConsumerGroup
Getting instance list ckafka ListInstance
Getting route details ckafka ListRoute
Getting topic list ckafka ListTopic
Setting CKafka message forwarding to COS ckafka ModifyForward
Setting instance attribute ckafka ModifyInstanceAttributes
Modifying topic attribute ckafka ModifyTopicAttributes
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