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Last updated: 2020-08-27 15:34:12

Relying on Tencent's powerful technical platforms, Tencent Cloud Live Video Broadcasting (LVB) opens up the underlying capabilities of core Tencent businesses such as Tencent Video to users, providing professional, stable, and fast live streaming access and distribution services that feature advantages such as low latency, high security, high performance, easy connection, multi-device compatibility, and support for multiple bitrates. It fully meets the audio/video requirements for ultra-low latency and ultra-high concurrence and provides Tencent's proprietary push and player SDKs, enabling you to customize your own push and playback applications.

LVB operations supported by CloudAudit are as shown below:

Operation Name Resource Type Event Name
Delaying playback live AddDelayLiveStream
Adding domain name live AddLiveDomain
Adding watermark live AddLiveWatermark
Binding certificate to domain name live BindLiveDomainCert
Disabling real-time logging live CloseRealTimeLogAnalysis
Adding top speed codec configuration live CreateLiveAiTranscodeConf
Creating live streaming IM information live CreateLiveAvcInfo
Creating callback rule live CreateLiveCallbackRule
Creating callback template live CreateLiveCallbackTemplate
Adding certificate live CreateLiveCert
Adding domain name policy live CreateLiveDomainStrategy
Creating instance recording task live CreateLiveInstantRecord
Creating instant screencapturing task live CreateLiveInstantSnapshot
Creating recording task live CreateLiveRecord
Creating recording rule live CreateLiveRecordRule
Creating recording template live CreateLiveRecordTemplate
Creating screencapturing rule live CreateLiveSnapshotRule
Creating screencapturing template live CreateLiveSnapshotTemplate
Creating transcoding rule live CreateLiveTranscodeRule
Creating transcoding template live CreateLiveTranscodeTemplate
Creating watermarking rule live CreateLiveWatermarkRule
Creating log topic live CreateLogAnalysisTheme
Adding pull configuration live CreatePullStreamConfig
Deleting callback rule live DeleteLiveCallbackRule
Deleting log topic live DeleteLogAnalysisTheme
Querying director list live DescribeCasterList
LVB Console homepage live DescribeLiveQcloudCom
Disconnecting live stream live DropLiveStream
Modifying room information of application live ModifyLiveAvcAccountInfo
Modifying or creating license live ModifyLiveLicense
Modifying log topic live ModifyLogAnalysisTheme
Enabling real-time logging live OpenRealTimeLogAnalysis
Switching from old AVC application to new one live UpDowngradeAvcInfo
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