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Last updated: 2020-08-27 15:34:13

Combining cloud computing and community open-source technologies such as Hadoop, Hive, Spark, and Storm, Tencent Cloud Elastic MapReduce (EMR) provides secure and cost-effective cloud-based Hadoop services featuring high reliability and elastic scalability. A secure and reliable Hadoop cluster can be created in a matter of minutes to analyze petabytes of data stored on the data nodes in the cluster or in COS.

EMR operations supported by CloudAudit are as shown below:

Operation Name Resource Type Event Name
Adding auto scaling specification emr AddAutoScaleSpec
Adding configuration group emr AddConfigGroup
Getting metric load scaling rule emr AddMetricScaleStrategy
Adding node specification configuration emr AddNodeResourceConfig
Verifying custom configuration parameter emr CheckCustomConfig
Checking the network connection of Hive metastore emr CheckMetaDBNet
Creating EMR instance emr CreateInstance
Deleting auto scaling specification emr DeleteAutoScaleSpec
Deleting auto scaling rule emr DeleteAutoScaleStrategy
Deleting configuration group emr DeleteConfigGroup
Deleting node specification configuration emr DeleteNodeResourceConfig
Getting global auto scaling configuration emr DescribeAutoScaleGlobalConf
Getting auto scaling metadata emr DescribeAutoScaleMetaRange
Getting auto scaling history emr DescribeAutoScaleRecords
Getting auto scaling specification emr DescribeAutoScaleSpecs
Getting auto scaling rule emr DescribeAutoScaleStrategies
Getting auto scaling allowlist emr DescribeAutoScaleWhiteList
Getting boot script emr DescribeBootScript
Describing CBS encryption emr DescribeCbsEncrypt
Querying TencentDB instance price emr DescribeCdbPrice
Querying hardware node information of EMR cluster emr DescribeClusterNodes
Describing configuration group emr DescribeConfigGroup
Querying CVM instance specification emr DescribeCvmSpec
Describing cluster termination information emr DescribeDestroyInfo
Getting spread placement group information emr DescribeDisasterRecoverGroup
Getting unified Hive metastore information emr DescribeEmrMetaDB
Querying EMR role emr DescribeEmrRole
Querying export configuration emr DescribeExportConfs
Querying the list of configuration files that can be exported emr DescribeExportConfsList
Configuring page and pulling the list of file IPs emr DescribeFileIps
Querying the number of EMR cluster processes emr DescribeFlowNum
Querying EMR instance process status emr DescribeFlowStatus
Querying the details of EMR task running status emr DescribeFlowStatusDetail
Getting the overview of HBase table monitoring data emr DescribeHbaseTableMetricDataOverview
Getting installation component information emr DescribeInstallSoftwareInfo
Displaying alarm information emr DescribeInstanceAlerts
Getting alias emr DescribeInstanceAlias
Getting instance operation log emr DescribeInstanceOplog
Querying EMR instance emr DescribeInstances
Getting monitoring metric values at different levels emr DescribeMetricsDimension
Querying configuration adjustment order emr DescribeModifyGoodsDetail
Getting node specification configuration emr DescribeNodeResourceConfig
Quickly getting node specification configuration emr DescribeNodeResourceConfigFast
Querying optional specification allowlist emr DescribeOptionalSpecWhiteList
Querying renewal order emr DescribeRenewGoodsDetail
Describing expandable service emr DescribeScaleoutableService
Querying expansion order emr DescribeScaleoutGoodsDetail
Getting EMR security group emr DescribeSecurityGroup
Querying service configuration emr DescribeServiceConfs
Querying service group information emr DescribeServiceGroups
Querying service process information emr DescribeServiceNodeInfos
Describing EMR subtask process emr DescribeSubJobFlowStatus
Getting account balance emr DescribleAccountBalance
Generating cluster creation order emr GenerateCreateGoodsDetail
Generating configuration adjustment order emr GenerateModifyGoodsDetail
Generating renewal order emr GenerateRenewGoodsDetail
Generating expansion order emr GenerateScaleoutGoodsDetail
Querying the parameters of EMR cluster creation order emr GetCreateGoodsDetail
Querying price for instance creation emr InquiryPriceCreateInstance
Querying price for renewal emr InquiryPriceRenewInstance
Querying price for expansion emr InquiryPriceScaleOutInstance
Querying price for configuration adjustment emr InquiryPriceUpdateInstance
Activating COS emr InstallCos
Installing component emr InstallSoftware
Getting configuration distribution log emr ListConfLogs
Updating global auto scaling configuration emr ModifyAutoScaleGlobalConf
Modifying auto scaling rule emr ModifyAutoScaleStrategy
Modifying boot script emr ModifyBootScript
Modifying configuration group emr ModifyConfigGroup
Modifying cluster name emr ModifyInstanceBasic
Adjusting instance configuration emr ModifyResource
Modifying service component parameter emr ModifyServiceParams
Modifying rule priority emr ModifyStrategyPriority
Restarting component service emr RestartService
Configuring rollback emr RollBackConf
Expanding instance capacity emr ScaleOutInstance
Setting default node specification configuration attribute emr SetNodeResourceConfigDefault
Starting component monitoring emr StartMonitor
Starting component service emr StartService
Stopping component monitoring emr StopMonitor
Stopping component service emr StopService
Checking sync configuration emr SynchronizeGroupConfCheck
Terminating all auto scaling nodes emr TerminateAutoScaleNodes
Terminating EMR instance emr TerminateInstance
Terminating node emr TerminateNodes
Terminating task node emr TerminateTasks
Updating proxy component password emr UpdateWebproxyPassword
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